External portable drive to back up nucleus - which one works?

I’d use Dropbox to sync to a local folder or removable drive (not sure if this is possible as I don’t use Dropbox nowadays*), and copy (or unmount the drive) once syncing is complete.

*I still have a free account that is used for a few Roon backups, but this is an insurance policy. I copy to my network (backups locally and to cloud) and an attached USB drive.


The Dropbox backup is just the database, not the music, which is pretty small

Dropbox backups are agonizingly slow. Maybe backup to an attached HDD every night and Dropbox once a month, etc.

Yes I know but it takes forever even at that.

thats what I’m currently doing with my Mac, but I’d like to lose the drive once I get the Nucleus. Just a minimalism thing, I reckon. It had never occurred to me that I could let dropbox handle the backup but then manually restore, as @Martin_Webster stated earlier.

I’ve got lots of options.

I have my Nucleus in our main bedroom in a cabinet below the TV. I have a 1TB HDD that stays connected and backs up every night at 3am. Never a problem. The internal SSD is for music, but I have almost nothing on it (42 tracks).

Another option, which I may try, since I already have a Hetzner Storage Box*, is to use a remote Samba/CIFS share.

I use this with Borg backup, and it’s much faster than Dropbox. Should be as simple as…


*1 TB is around €4 per month.

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I’ve had a Samsung T5 SSD for backups on a NUC/ROCK for over 3 years now. With the newer T7 in use on other systems. No issues with any of them. The T7 1TB is listed on Amazon for $104.00

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Reformatted the portable drive to exFAT as recommended above and now seems to be working fine. Highly recommend using exFAT.

Since many people have problems with this, maybe highlighting this in the roon back up area in the settings section would be prudent.

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