Feature Idea - Stream library anywhere ala Subsonic?

One growing frustration I’ve had for a long time now is the various music apps/programs/services I have to use in order to access my music the way I want to. The big problem for me is that data like play count, ratings, etc are not shared seamlessly across all these different applications. There has already been lots of talk about integrating with Sonos. I have another request…add the capability to stream my music library so I can access it anywhere. I’ve been using Subsonic for years now and it provides an excellent way for me to stream my music anywhere in the world I have an internet connection. I can also cache music to my mobile device so I can save on data usage. I use the cache feature a lot when I travel. It would be great if Roon implemented a feature like this. I would love to unify all of my music needs into a single application so all of the historical data can be saved and used.

Anyway, just curious what other people thought?

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I’d love such a feature. There seems to be previous discussion about it in this thread: Remote playback over internet [On Roadmap - Not Scheduled]