Feature request: Linn DS support in Roon [done in 1.5]

Is it be possible to be part of the Roon beta programme, as I understand the latest Linn DS firmware release is supporting Roon? I have been a long term Linn and Roon user, and currently use my DS with the uRendu Bridge to play music with Roon to my DS.
Not to worry, if you already have a number of beta testers, but I thought there was no harm in asking
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I guess we all like to test it :slight_smile:

Hey folks – Linn testing is underway with our alpha testers and our QA team.

For the moment we are not adding any additional testers to our Alpha team, but that could change in the future and we really appreciate the interest.

A number of new features and improvements are currently in development and testing, including our Linn implementation. Things are going well and Linn’s beta firmware release is an important milestone, but we’ve still got a good deal of testing to do before our QA team certifies this integration. For the moment, I would urge patience from everyone.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks for the update, @mike!

This is already good news!

Hi there, I have 2 Linn Akkurate DSM here, whenever you are accepting new alpha testers, I would love to participate . Rgds hpb

How is the alpha testing going

So excited been waiting nearly two years for this

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Roon doesn’t generally comment about testing and QA issues. That would probably change if an announced intended feature was found to be unfeasible, so no news is good news.

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The latest Linn software is updated with Roon option but if I go in the Roon settings I can’t see my Linn Akurate Exaxt as a Roon ready device: do I miss something?

Thanks in advance for your appreciated help


Congratulations to the team for releasing Roon 1.5 with official Linn DS support :slight_smile:

It works well.


Roon 1.5 is now live, enjoy.

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Brilliant can’t wait to get home only complaint is you released it on a day I don’t get back until very late :weary:

Working perfectly for me so far! Looks like I’ll be (happily) decommissioning 4 Raspberry Pis and a Sonic Orbiter SE tomorrow.

Many thanks to the Roon and Linn teams for finding a way forward!

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Looking forward to get home and to actually try it. I am very happy with the progress that is made ;). Thanks Roon & Linn.

closing this out since its done in 1.5

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