Feedback on iOS Hardware Requirements

yes, but the ui needs to be fully redesigned for a phone form factor unless you want to click with a toothpick :wink:

Lucky to have a lot of outlets for refurb and used iPads in the states. yesterday had iPad Air 2 with 64 gb preowned for $300. I’ve seen excellent buys on Air and Air2 new and used recently so search for discounts. Still doesn’t take away pain of loss of use of iPad 4 for Roon but there are deals to be had. Just saw posting with good deals as well on preowned. Bestbuy also has discounted new Airs today. Also watch for pricing. Just trying to ease the pain.

To be honest I’d rather click with a toothpick than buy a new IPad just to run the Roon app.

Do you have an approximate ETA on when to expect an IPhone 6 Plus compatible app?

There is a hint there if you look hard enough.

There is no defined schedule for phone support. Work is being done to design the UI on that form factor now.

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There seems to be some concerns about the iPad requirements and how we may have handled letting you all know about the requirements.

Firstly, I’d like to apologize if any of your feel tricked, or in any way lead on about iPad 1-4 and Mini 1 support. It was not our intention to deceive you, or even to keep you in the dark about this.

We don’t like to burden the world with details of our development efforts when they are in flux. However, we did have a good idea early on about the iOS limitations. We knew that iPhone support was not coming, because the user interface required a large screen. We also had a good idea that the earlier generation iPads wouldn’t make the cut, and we even spoke freely about this on the community site. For example, 8 days after we launched, back on May 20th: Release date for iOS App?@Rik made a very good prediction on supported iPads and I backed him on it as spot-on.

We worked on trying to get iPad 3/4 support all the way until the end. iPad 2 and below would be impossible due to such little RAM on those devices. In the end, the OpenGLES 3 limit became too great of a development effort to bypass, so we went with the next generation of devices. This was a tough decision, especially because own households have multiple iPads that were left unsupported. Yes, we could have worked through it, but we made a call that left those devices unsupported, so we could continue on Roon’s feature roadmap.

Unfortunately, all this means that our product will not work for some subset of the people out there. This is the reality of software development and all I can offer is that we will be here for you to re-trial once you do have compatible hardware.

Future Roon developments will continue to push technology forward as we add more features that stress the hardware to it’s limits. We hope to have to obsolete hardware support rarely, but I’m sure it’ll happen. When it does, we will allow a mechanism to not upgrade to the latest software or to run in a degraded mode.


Thanks for the extra explanation!

Good thing these iPads hold their value really well, I just sold mine and now it wasn’t that bad having to get a new one. I do get what people where saying about ‘snappier’ now too :wink:
Found a workaround for my old C2D MacMini (google: SFOTT) which is now running Mavericks and RoonServer nicely so it’s just waiting for the App now.

Thanks, @danny, for the explanation. It’s true that I’m a little upset about my “orphaned” 3rd-gen iPad, but that’s not directed at Roon; it’s more that I won’t be able to use the iOS app as soon as it’s released. I completely understand that as developers you need to make hard decisions about this kind of thing, and once I have my new iPad, it’ll no longer be an issue for me.

Keep up the good work.

Not compatible with a 18 month old device (iPad 4)? I wasn’t expecting that.

@dga – please see my post above.

iPad 4 (retina was released) November 2, 2012 so nearly three years old.

It was still being sold until near the end of last year though I guess, so may be considered relatively new from a buyers POV.
Some iPad mini 1’s were still being sold this Summer.

Yes but when you buy tech it is related to it’s release date, not when you buy it. It’s not like normal timescales more like dog years but worse, so 1 Tech year = 30 normal years :frowning:
Says the man with innumerable iPods with spinning disks and layers of iPod Touches, an iPad 2 now all useless for new apps and scenarios.

Not everyone thinks like that I suppose….

For those not the least bit interested in Apple’s release cycles, I can only imagine a purchase made in the Apple Store late last year would be considered pretty ‘current’.

The Roon team’s reasonings aside, “OpenGL ES 3.0 support” is a pretty random one in my book. As a non-developer, I’d never even heard of it. In any case I would much rather have a slower, slightly more clunky remote, than be faced with a decision as to whether to leave Roon, continue to use it with a laptop (which we hate doing), or buy more kit.

This was of course my own fault for jumping in and convincing my family of Roon on the basis of the iPad remote before it actually came out. I look a bit silly now - ‘yes the remote’s finally out but we can’t use it because we need to buy new iPads first’…

Anyway, I won’t add any more to the debate - I’ll just sit grumpily tonight with my laptop playing music, while reading all the reports of how great the iPad app is :cry:

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Great dissapointment. I saw the app when at the office and rushed home only to verified that it was not compatible with iPad mini 1 . So i will cancel my subscription cause the final bill to use ROON was increasing

I will go for an Auralic Mini with Linn Kazoo … at least I will retain the 2 “oo” in the name

Vasco Vaz

“The app “Roon” was not installed on the iPad because it is not compatible with this iPad.”

After three months of anticipation:
!!! W T F ! !

Hey @tLea – what iPad are you running on? I assume you’re installing from the App Store?

I’ll check with the guys, so stand by – we’re looking into this.

It’s an iPad 2.
Model A1396. Order no. MC774LL/A.

Yes, it’s old but it’s running the latest iOS, 9.0 (13A4325c), so I’m puzzled as to why the iPad version should matter.

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I have an iPad New and it’s not supported/excluded from downloading. Very sad.