Feedback on iOS Hardware Requirements

Happier than ever that I didn’t continue with Roon. Was going to give it another chance when the iPad app arrived, but astonished to learn it is only for the latest iPads. What a missed opportunity for more users. Very disappointed and I would say this should have been made clearer earlier.

I wish the development team well and will reconsider Roon when I eventually upgrade my iPad, but I can’t justify an upgrade just to use Roon as I had originally planned.

I’ll be back at some point to try again, but that’s now a much longer way in the future than I anticipated.

Tough choice. Even if I have an ipad 3 I think you made the right decision. These things moves fast and very soon, the older generation will be less in use and in a year from now your decision will make a lot of sense. One thing, however, you might reconsider is whether some sort of remote solution could be developed to the iphone. One that may not completely create the full ROON feeling, but nevertheless could be used to control the music in a situation where one do not want to do extensive reading or discovery in ones collection. And also the iphone may work well for the kids when controlling the system…just an idea!

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I know Apple fans won’t like this, but Roon is great on Android, much cheaper as well.
That will breath extended use to your older iPads for general duties and Android is Roon specific.
That’s what I have done anyway. It allows me to enjoy the music experience through Roon now. Chris

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The Android app is okay for now and it will improve considerably over time. I wouldn’t call it “great” yet.

From nothing to having it is great in my view, and the fact I can do everything I want apart from adding images means I can wait and see before spending any more cash. Thoughts, Chris

As far as I can see, it would still be a £200 spend, which is about an iPad mini 2?

There’s not a single App that I use on my iPad mini where I feel it’s lacking in power or annoyingly slow - and with heavier Apps than Roon. Sure, a new one would be snappier but wouldn’t it always! In my mind a dedicated remote is the perfect use for a previous gen iPad.

This must have been known a fair while back so I think it would have been good to share…

Urgh. Oh well.


personally I would LOVE to keep my trusted ipad2, bcs it has 4G and is 64 GB. If I have to buy a new iPad Air with same 4G and 64 GB it will be quite expensive.
AND the only thing that I want to use iPad remote for Roon, is hit PLAY, PAUSE, next TRACK and so on.
I dont see why that absolutely needs a 64 bit processor?



Because Roon does SO much more than pause play etc, that’s the point.

It is graphic intense allowing you to explore your library, go online via links book tickets via songkick, plus all the editing facilities. There are reviews to read links to follow that take you on a musical journey from artist to artist.

For this you really want a large screen and enough power to deliver a smooth experience.

The developers have explained their position moving forward very well.
If you don’t want the above, you don’t need Roon at all.

Just my take on things, enjoy the music. Chris

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I feel comfortable supporting your raison d’etre for what iOS devices enable the best future for roon’s development. In my support, I am not dismissing the practical/financial realities for some roon members or future roon members. The province for what each individual regards as reasonable is theirs. But given the innovations delivered, the quality and performance updates anticipated, I am rather relieved that you and your partners have set the standards for development as you have. I personally have experienced other products designed for across the board hardware/software and ultimately development is hobbled or compromised. We’re not in Kansas anymore. I am more confident I made the right decision to commence my relationship with roon with a life-membership/license than ever before with your perspectives for roon and the rationale for the decisions made that others may object to for their reasons. Chrislayeruk’s acknowledgement and affirmation of your agenda mirrors mine. I am fortunate in having purchased an iPad Air 2 long before there was a roon. The synchornicity of my purchasing decisions as best as I am able to intuit matches the very same criteria that guides you on the pathway for roon. I have been using computers since 1986 and over time, (many) have purchased the latest and greatest only to find that in six months, a much better widget for a lower cost arrives.

I never argue with perception. I continue to experience and feel the direction roon is on is the correct one. Your commitment to our needs and wishes means a great deal to me. Therefore what is needed to support that commitment makes sense. Stay the course. In time, if not already conspicuous, the membership will grow for the very reasons the many of us came aboard in the first instance.

The music’s the thing, the equipment seduces. Marvelous update.

Enjoy the music,


+1, if you want an example of UI that is compromised by trying to please everyone then try out Linn Kazzoo.

I’m totally support the Roon guys/gals in their insistence on having the best UI out there.

Thanks @Dannythered and @REShaman – we still have huge gaps and holes, but it’ll keep getting better. We are in this for the long term. I’m very glad we can offer you all something that doesn’t cost $10,000.

Just in case, I’ll start saving. If I live long enough. (smile) Just being ironical.

Well a +1 from me in Roon moving forward with 64bit architecture. Room is by far the best application for playback, browsing a digital music library. In the few months I have been using Roon, in my modest 2000 album library, I have discovered artists and genres I hadn’t listened to for years…you opened my ears so to speak, so play on…

Just have to wait for Apple to approve the app. What is keeping them? ,!!

It does run acceptable on 32bit Android doesn’t it? It doesn’t need to be 60fps or with animations to be a usable interface.

With Roonlabs being a small team I understand the need to focus but it could be a bit more friendly towards perfectly decent ‘low end’ devices.

I’m only complaining because I see the promise and want to use it too :wink:

Kudos for choosing to push for 64bit development. Whished that more companies/developers would embrace this way forward. Evolution is here to stay and watering down efforts just for compromises sake, rather not. I am also out of luck and will need to invest in a new tablet and was disappointed at first. My current iPad will becoma a nice present. Now just hoping that apple will announce the new models next month…

Why are you so underwhelmed by the Android app? As a playback remote it does everything you can do on the PC or Mac. What more do we need?

For one thing, it needs to be a snappy and smooth as folk will soon discover the iPad app is. Other things need to be sorted out like small touch targets.

Personally I find it very unresponsive.

I guess a lot of companies would like to do this purely in development terms, but decide against it because it means ruling out some paying customers. Not everyone wants to buy (or indeed can buy) new/specific hardware to run a product on - whether they like the product or not. Those that can’t will be forced to look elsewhere, so the bean-counters weigh this up against development costs.

The Roon guys are clearly very smart and it sounds from Danny’s explanation above that they’ve weighed it up quite a bit. But as a current user, without latest iOS hardware, I can’t applaud it and in fact its a bit upsetting - mainly because I’ve come to like the product so much……

Just an alternate view for balance.

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There’s some discussion here regarding an iPhone app, which also includes calls for a simple control app. If that eventuates it may provide a role for older iOS devices, but nothing is confirmed.

As the owner of two stranded iOS devices I feel the pain. But it’s not the first time I’ve experienced backwards compatibility or minimum hardware requirements and the march of progress dictates it’s not likely to be the last.

I can see how a “transport” style control app might be useful. Starting a playlist in Roon for a dinner party from a touchscreen say, but wanting to control Volume or skip tracks from the table.

Opposite experience here using Samsung’s Tab S. Therein lies the issue with Android. Different experiences with different devices. On my tablet it is virtually indistinguishable from the desktop version. Looking forward to the iOS version as well for my Air. I go back and forth between the devices.