"Fix Track Grouping" was better before 1.2

Another issue I’m having is the new “Fix Track Grouping” doesn’t seem to work at all… For example add the new Kayne West album from TIDAL to your library, you will see it comes in as 2 separate albums (1 - 18 tracks and 1 - 1 track albums) and no way to fix this (as I’ve tried the past hour)… the old way was MUCH better IMO. (you still need to have a search function, which you deleted for some reason?)

What do you see if you select both albums and merge ?

Check this thread.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks @andybob and @Greg. That did the trick, I had no idea about this merge function. I still think search should to be brought back into Fix Track Grouping.

Still doesn’t explain why a TIDAL album is split into 2 albums when adding to your library and this album has zero information when compared to AMG, see screen captures… (I see Kanye haters posts coming) but it’s more about how Roon is functioning.