Floyd in MQA on Tidal

You can «force» listening to 16/44.1 by selecting «Hi-fi», not «Master» on the Tidal account setting, even for “MQA only” releases.

Doesn’t solve the problem with adding the wanted version in your library.

These albums should appear in the “New Releases for You” section, and the user should decide what to do with them.

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You are speaking for yourself here. There many people on this forum, myself included, who absolutely would prefer the non-MQA version to be the Primary.

My comment was nothing to do with MQA or not it was about albums being signed off.
They are only signed of by Artist or owner if they are MQA Studio.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. You were responding to a post about Roon selecting a Primary version and I read your comment as Roon should always pick the MQA version if it was available.

That’s ok, it can get confusing.

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You said high quality masters do exists for Pink Floyd.

It is STILL up to the label if they want to release and MQA for that

or release an MQA version of CD master (16/44.1).

The only Hires Pink Floyd I know of from 2011 remasters are

  • The Dark Side of the Moon
  • Wish You Were Here
  • The Division Bell (This one is available as MQA Studio).

Don’t trust 100% from press releases.

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I just had my wife create a random playlist with two versions of Money - the Tidal MQA version and the 96/24 stereo mix from the Immersion box. I was surprised that i picked the MQA version as my preference every time - it sounds a bit clearer with better instrument separation to my ears.
I found the same with a comparison of 44/16 and MQA versions of a couple of New Order tracks too.

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I prefer the MQA pink floyd too.

They should release the 24/96 MQA of DSOTM and WYWH.


So do we know if these are new 44/16 masters or just the same ones used for the 2011 Discovery set?

And why do AMLOR and Division Bell use 96/24 sources yet WYWH and DSOTM don’t? Is it a case of Gilmour not needing Water’s signoff for those albums?