Forced updates — quit them!

It’s not all guys either.


I have no problem with updates weekly wouldn’t mind daily. It only takes 5 mins tops. I turn my core on and off so I definitely don’t have an issue with it.

Agreed and now done …

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My chief issue is that if I want to listen on my tablet, but the core needs an update, I have to get up and go to my main computer. I can initiate the update from my tablet but in most cases I will have to manually restart Roon. I just find it annoying!

Thanks, I suppose I should try this!

At least twice a week…

Weekly updates are irritating. Monthly maybe less so. Perhaps if there was an advertised schedule for updates it might make things easier?

And how often does it want to update?

Weekly? The last few updates were roughly monthly:

  • May 8
  • June 13
  • July 19
  • August 14 and 17 (the second one only for ROCK)
  • September 7
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