FreeBSD Core Server

I’ll add a +1 here too. AFAIK mono exists on FreeBSD, hopefully it is just a recompile…

That said, I am under no illusions about how many people this would be useful for…

EDIT: So I think I’ve said something silly here. AFAICT the “Linux” version of Roon is actually a windows executable and a linux version of mono… This suggests that if mono on FreeBSD has the right bits, this is a packaging issue rather than a build issue. If that is the case, then we don’t need a FreeBSD port… I will dig deeper when I have the time.

Okay I did some poking around, and it is possible to get the binary to execute using the FreeBSD version of mono. Unfortunately there are some compiled libraries (, and, so it isn’t 100% mono. This is obviously a blocker, we’d need a BSD build of these libraries. And this means when RoonServer.exe tries to load them, it fails.

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Thanks for looking into this. I’d like to stick Roon on my FreeNAS box, but as this isn’t possible, I’ve been using ROCK on a NUC and it’s been 100% reliable for me, so I think I’ll probably stick with my current setup now because it just works :+1:

I am in the process of replacing my QNAP with a FreeNAS box, so I’m in the same boat, although I don’t have budget for a dedicated Roon NUC at the moment.

I tried various things to get Roon working via Linux emulation support in BSD, but it always seems to crash out in a manner that suggests a problem in the mono layer… even if I do a fresh install of mono from a linux package (rpm) it still isn’t happy. Using FreeBSD native mono gets further (but is still blocked due to the handful of linux only shared objects).

At this point I will be using a Tiny Core linux VM, which I have down to a very small, light size.

So we need ports of those shared objects…

Is it any Idea to run Roonserver on FreeBSD 12.0 ?

Please somebody make step by step guide how to run roonserver on FreeBSD 12.0 with Virtual Machine
I am newbie on FreeBSD,migrated from Linux. My HW spec is able to run FreeBSD 12.0.
I am able pay for guide via paypal some euros but must 100% work.

Take a look at HOWTO: Debian Installation on FreNAS (bhyve) I wrote a while back but should work on FreeBSD, FreeNAS runs on OpenBSD or FreeBSD, can’t remember which.

Another +1 for a native FreeBSD Roon!

And a +1 from me, too. I’d love to see a natively packaged Roon server on FreeBSD.

FreeNas definitely runs on top of FreeBsd, they have to track FreeBSD releases, currently they are on FreeNAS-11.2-U2.1. In one of my freenas jails, freebsd-version reports “11.2-RELEASE-p4”

+1 for FreeNAS plugin. I have used Plex on FreeNAS for a few years and it does most of what I want. I currently don’t subscribe to Roon, but would if a plugin to FreeNAS were developed. I have no intention of abandoning my (relatively) powerful and sizable storage FreeNAS machine for a stand alone Roon server or set up a custom NUC. Why would anybody really?

Perhaps there aren’t enough FreeNAS users to make it financially worthwhile?

+1 here. Right now, I use @pwright92’s Debian VM solution (thanks, @pwright92!) , but it would be great to be in a jail instead.

Another +1 for a native FreeBSD Roon!

+1 here. I use, as many of us, @pwright92’s Debian VM solution, but it’s not clean thing. It will be really nice to have it integrated:)

+1, I am also a Freenas user, would be great to be able to run Roon on that machine.

I would like a FreeBsd port of the Roon software so I can install Roon inside a jail (iocage) running on FreeNas 11.2.

FreeNas 11.2 has a feature called “Plugins” that they maintain and upgrade frequently, basically plugins are natively packaged freebsd iocage ‘containers-lite’ which the freeNas UI allows the end-user to install, delete, stop, start, etc. Iocage makes it easy to have multiple jails running concurrently, such as RoonServer Core . The FreeNas UI also allows a user to define which NAS shares are mounted in which jail. For example, all your music files for RoonServer Core.
Porting your server software to FreeBSD would open up your potential user community to all users that have installed FreeNas 11.2.

I also would love to see a FreeNAS port - currently I’m successfully using Roon Core in a Debian VM on FreeNAS

well, it would be a FreeBSD port (Freebsd is a supported platform for Mono) and some FreeNas Plugin packaging. Some porting of native compiled libraries would be required, too, as @ascl noticed when he attempted to run it himself under FreeBsd.

The Roon software is able to run on inside a virtual machine on a supported guest operating system (e.g. Debian) on a FreeBsd host (like FreeNas). This is route is based on virutualization. Once a FreeBsd port of the Roon software is available Roon can run inside a Iocage jail on e.g. FreeNas. Iocage jails are the default application container on FreeBsd, another application container is Docker. The major advantage of running Roon inside an application container instead in a virtual machine is that application containerization has a smaller memory and CPU footprint.

I prefer application containerization over virtualization because of less resource requirements. My FreeNas host is under dimmensioned in memory. Please consider porting Roon to FreeBsd.

The FreeNas plugin feature is a way of adding functionality to FreeNas in a user frendly way (no command line involved). Providing a FreeNas plugin for installing and configuring (e.g. adding mount points to the jail) would be the ultimate integration of Roon in FreeNas. For me this would be a nice to have feature, the FreeBsd port together with a small howto install and configure Roon on FreeBsd would be the minimum requirement.

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+1 for Roon in a FreeNas Jail

I own a tiny apartment and a freenas custom server and two servers in my house would just be too much.