French composer name representation in Roon


When playing a piece by Édouard Lalo, a French composer, on Live Radio, Roon displays his name as:

Ã%odouard Lalo

If you go to the original stream at Bru Zane Classical Radio: the French Romantic music webradio, the name is displayed correctly, as you can see in this image:


However, Roon for iOS displays as follows:

And Roon for MacOS displays as follows:


Of course it may be that the composer’s name was incorrectly encoded by the Franco-Italian staff who run Bru Zane in Venice, and that therefore the error is not with Roon.

The radio station is included in the default Roon database, and the stream address is:;

My apologies if this has been addressed before.

Thank you in advance for any insights,

Actually the issue if on the station side, they screwed up the encoding.
Playing with VLC or Roon, diacritics are not correct (see the top of VLC windows).
In Roon:

Roon usually handles diacritics very well when strings are properly encoded:

Hello Alec,

Many thanks for looking into this.

I appreciate that you determined that VLC also does not display the diacritics correctly. However, I have determined that TuneIn does, and have written up a report, with pictures as evidence.

The only way that TuneIn would be able to render the diacritics correctly if the stream is incorrectly encoded is if somehow Bru Zane supplies one stream to TuneIn and a different one to Roon, don’t you think?

I believe TuneIn is a bit smarter and is able to handle more encoding schemes than the usual UTF8.
I’ve found a workaround to inject correctly formatted metadata for this station, directly from the station’s API.
THe Metadata will be in the form : composer - work / album / performers, see “metadata” line below.
Isn’t it too much ? Take out album or performers or both ?

Hello Alec,

Wow, that looks like a great solution! It is very considerate of you to have looked at the API. I would like to display all of the metadata, except the label, which in the example is “Brilliant Classics”.

I must admit, however, that I have no idea as to how to implement the code you provided. If you could point me to an instruction manual of how to implement it, I would go ahead and try to get it done.

One final point: if Roon could display the cover art for the playing track, instead of simply the station logo, then I don’t think there is anything else a man could wish for.


I am taking care, this should be live soon, no action required for you.

I am afraid this will never happen.


Rémi, you’re a star.

Hello Alec,

I thank you for the work and look forward to the live version.

I understand and accept that Roon will never display the artwork for the currently playing song… but your example code above displays the artwork and TuneIn displays the artwork (see my linked post above in the thread). Here is the artwork contained in your sample code:

Now like I said I accept if there is a corporate decision to never incorporate the artwork which Bru Zane radio provides but I am curious as to the reasoning, particularly in view of the fact that TuneIn is able to do it.

Many thanks!

Bru Zane has been added to Live Radio Metadata Service (see details here). This solves the diacritics issue and improves the quality of the data.

Sorry that it took time, there was a bug on Roon side that needed to be fixed.

Regarding album display: this is not possible as Roon is only allowing text metadata as input. You can see full metadata here, select Bru Zane Classical in the “Choose station” dropdown menu.

For clarity: I am not Roon but the amateur developer of a free Internet Radio Metadata aggregation service, that Roon was kind enough to integrate to improve its user experience. If you like it buy me a beer :slight_smile:

NB: if you have a streaming service activated, Roon is usually able to identify the album, you can then click on the link and see it in Roon.