Frequent error during playback - “An audio file is loading slowly.”


My setup
MacBook Air, 4 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, OS El Capitan
Roon 1.2
Roon -> AQ Jitterbug -> AQ Dragonfly 1.2
Library - stored on Seagate HDD, connected to D-Link wifi router 850L, folder on the drive watched by roon

When I am playing back hires and lossless music I get the error mentioned in the title of this topic. After this roon just skips to the next track in the queue.
I haven’t noticed this happening with lossy audio.

I have Audirvana Plus which is on the same h/w setup. With a+ if the file is getting loaded slowly, it waits and as soon as more is loaded it starts playing it rather than skipping the track. Expecting similar behavior from roon, where it pre-loads the current (or even the next one in queue) while playback is in progress.

Appreciate if you could look into this as this is the only thing preventing me from committing to roon.


Suspect it’s the wifi signal causing the issue. Try connecting the drive directly to the MacBook. Roon does buffer the audio stream, but it doesn’t do memory playback.

Evan, indeed it is (hires, lossless take more b/w than lossy, hence would be slow to stream over wifi) and I am certain that it will work directly. I am requesting if roon’s playback behaviour can be such that it does not skip to the next track, and instead play the current one as and when it receives data stream. Oftentimes I have seen roon skipping through the entire queue which is a bit frustrating… Especially considering my current A+ based pkayback setup handles this elegantly.

Would you like this to be a Feature Request rather than a Support thread ?

Absolutely…what do I need to do?

Edit: did already… Thanks.

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