From home-brew to ROCK - 3 questions

My current Roon Core is a NUC running Debian. Pretty solid but I fall behind in maintenance, etc. and am not convinced its as slim as it could be. So the weekend project is ROCK!

A quick reality check: The NUC specs are:

Intel NUC 6i5SHY
Samsung 850 EVO 120GB m.2 SSD
Two 8gb Corsair memory sticks
Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSD internal 2.5"

I think that’s good to go from the ROCK guide. Let me know if I’m wrong!

Second question: I’ve backed up my library through Roon, and my music manually to an external drive. Once I blow out the NUC and install ROCK, I restore the library (brining my license with the restore?) and smb copy the music back to the 2TB. I’m assuming ROCK names the 2TB differently…will the library know still be associated with the music in a ‘new’ location, or is there something I need to do there?

Third question: Can I plug the ROCK NUC directly into my DAC (Directstream JR) AND ethernet to my network for other endpoints, or is direct USB not supported?

Thanks, and fingers crossed!


Looks like a winner…build the ROCK with the M.2 first… one its ups and running put the 2TB drive inside and format it in the GUI

USB for the PSJr should be ok, but Via ethernet for MQA support IIRC is needed

Thanks for the confirmation! The 2TB is already installed in the NUC. Hopefully the ROCK install process lets me select the M.2 fairly obviously? I’d rather not open it up, unplug, install, replug, etc.

I don’t recall but I think it probably does - not installed ROCK for a while…just make sure to select the right one…you will have to format the 2TB drive to use in ROCK tho

Just built a ROCK with both drives in it and install does ask which drive you want to install onto :+1:

The ROCK installer will offer both in a 1. or 2. option, along with name and size.

Up to you to pick the right one. :wink:

If you haven’t already, you might want to give this a read. It will help guide you through the move.

Almost there…Roon ROCK is up and running. Great. When I open up Roon on my Mac and select a core, it asks me to log in. Since I backed up my library first (and confirmed with “Last backup…”), I’m hitting “Restore a Backup” on the login screen, per the ROCK guide.

I add my network share, navigate to the RoonBackups folder, hit ‘Select This Folder’ and I get a message saying “No backups found. Please check your backup location.”

There is a folder in the RoonBackups folder (‘ee013315-63…’). Do I select a folder inside that folder (of which there are many)?

Figured it out…New install of ROCK was giving me server version 1.4, my backup was from 1.5. Did a Reinstall of Operating System (and it then reported a higher build) and that updated Roon Server to v1.5b354. Now the backup is restoring.

Next I’ll copy music back to internal 2.5" SSD and should (?) be good to go!

I had exactly the same issue… glad you’ve upgraded and you’re all sorted :+1:

They should really update the image to be 1.5 now.

I’m copying music now, to InternalStorage through smb.

When I restored from backup, the Storage settings listed both Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage (empty, obviously) and the path to my old location (not available, obviously, as I’m migrating).

Question: Should I ‘Edit’ that old path by browsing to Internal Storage in edit when done copying? (My goal is to keep custom tags, metadata edits, etc. from my old installation).

Hmmm…can’t edit the old path to point to internal storage, only network shares.

try this


Perfect. All is good, tags and all. However, now my storage settings list “Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage” (disabled), and a path “\ROCK\data>Storage>InternalStorage” (connected and watching…)

Is that a best practice? Hopefully, I’m not going out to the network and back (seems unlikely). If that’s all a-okay I’ll stop self-replying now, but if I can do this tidier, let me know.


thats how mine shows.

Hello @JeffN/@darqman,

I saw your posts and wanted to clarify something:

This is indeed not best practice here since as you mentioned ROCK is going out to the network and then referencing itself again which is not a good thing to do.

Mike discusses this behavior a bit as well but you would want to have the first location (Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage) set to “Enabled” and then disable the second InternalStorage path so that it is not referencing the local storage through the network. Once you enable the Internal Storage using the non-network access method your music files should start showing up again.

You can also read more regarding ROCK storage in our ROCK Storage Setup Guide. Hope this clears up things a bit.


I guess I shouldn’t have posted the unc path to the ROCK internal storage. When he said he could only enter network paths I thought that’s what he was looking for. My setting look like this which hopefully is right.

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Thanks for the info, Noris. I have poured over the guide and storage setup guide. It either wasn’t clear or I missed the obvious, but that last step eluded me. Following the guide, I originally enabled the InternalStorage but all my tags were gone. Thanks to your guidance, after disabling the network path (which brought the tags back) and re-enabling InternalStorage only, it re-added all tracks and this time the tags were there.

It didn’t seem to remember my album art choices, but I’ve done that manually and all is good now! Thanks much!

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