FS: Mutec MC-3 + USB reclocker [SOLD]


I’m selling my Mutec MC-3 + USB

microRendu with 1.4 upgrade (same femto x-tal as the ultraRendu)	NOK3600 SOLD
LPS-1.2 linear power supply						NOK2900 SOLD
Mutec MC-3 + USB							NOK4900 SOLD

I’d prefer to sell in Norway, but worldwide shipping is also ok. Buyer pays shipping and in case of a sale outside Norway, any taxes on import.
Original packing for all items.

(Henry) #2



It’s there in NOK

(Henry) #4

Ok, apologies to the OP.

(Angelo Pichierri) #5

Hi! Is the ultracap still available?


I am currently discussing a local sale so at the moment, no, If this sale does not go through I’ll get in touch.

(Angelo Pichierri) #7

Yes, please, thanks.


The LPS-1.2 is available. You have a forum Private Message

(Vishal Patel) #10

is the Mutec MC-3 + USB still available ?


Yes, still available