Future feature requests

After ‘driving Roon’ around for a few weeks and generally loving it I’m offering my first version of feature requests for future versions of the software:

  1. A manual - Either a basic ‘how-to’ or a ‘technical’ complete one that goes into detail on all aspects of the program (or BOTH)
  2. Ability to CHOOSE between vertical and horizontal scrolling
  3. MQA integration (I’ve read Roon is a MQA partner which comes as no surprise given the affiliation with Meridian from the start)
  4. Further sorting/organizational options (for classical sort or organize by series release ex Deutsche Grammophon ‘The Originals’ or ‘Masters’ Series), for live music by tour, for re-releases by release provenance and resolution (original release, remastered versions, etc. Vertical display for original release>remastered release>remastered high-res release, etc)
  5. Further support/refinement for live, bootleg collections (Huge opportunity with Phish or Grateful Dead fans) - Organize by tour, show, set(s
  6. Better waveform display - Allow larger, more detailed waveform display (Soundcloud but better). Possibility for add tags to waveforms or cue points to highlight passages or solos). Would be great to ‘stack’ waveforms of same pieces from different performances/releases to audition between them
  7. Art/booklets - Better & more cover art (front and rear album cover, etc), digital booklets of interior liner notes (some releases have immense multi-page booklets included). Ability to include or insert them in collection to view and read while listening
  8. Metadata support - Current interface is a bit unintuitive. Better integration and more metadata field addition/inclusion and support

That’s all I have for now. By no means exhaustive but some ideas I think would take a great program and make it even more superior.

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You can set your own tags on product and those sort/filter by those tags. For example, I put a LIVE tag on all Live music I have in Roon which allows me to filter to only live music in a click. This can be done for any category you want to create for yourself. Also, you can sort by resolution, Go to Albums, hit Focus, sort by Format.

The “scroll vertically” is already being discussed and if you want to add your voice I suggest you enter into that discussion.Vertical scrolling [On Roadmap]

Many things can be found, including How To’s by searching in the forums. As of now, there is no compendium of How To’s.

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Audirvana displays waveforms for streamed music (and not only for locally stored files), which is one of my favorite features and cannot be done in Roon as far as I’m concerned :frowning: . It would be nice to have the waveform to show on the remote app on iPhone and iPad, as well as on the display feature.

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Check out the Now Playing band at the bottom of the screen , the one with the times on

That’s the waveform , incidentally Roon had it long before Audirvana.

I am not even sure it can be turned off , by accident

PS has Roon finished analysing your library , it can take a while on a big library. Until that’s done you may be missing waveforms as that drives the graph. It will only show for tracks in your library not for “unimported” random tracks

For me there is no waveform anywhere :frowning: . But, attention to the little detail in my question: “streamed” music. I don’t have a local library, but I only stream music from Qobuz - that’s the difference, and what Audirvana does with streamed music that I cannot find in Roon.