Grid view for box sets

One of the best things (and there a very many good things) about 1.3 is the grid view that is availabe in various places. I would like to see a grid view added for albums that have two or more disks. When viewing a large box set, currently one has to click on Disk 1, Disk 2, etc to see the contents of the album. It would be great to be able to see the entire list of tracks, compositions, etc. in a grid view.

For now, I have created tags for my larger box sets (each box set has a tag). This works, but it results in quite a few tags.


Others are keen for improvements in box set handling too:

Yes, that was my big hope too. +1 for better box set support!

I’ve just tried to re-import my Rubinstein box set, but it’s a mess. You have no idea what is on each of the 140 discs without going into each one. 30 discs are fine, but no more than that.