GUI needs attention for large box sets

In windows media player ( yes not comparable to roon I know), in artist view all albums form that artist is listed with tracks on one side, maybe box set view should consider such an approach

We definitely need a sub cover view for large box sets.
I have John Martyn’s Island 17-CD Box set, which is really just a collection of remastered albums. The default Roon Album view was just awful, showing the just the box set cover and the Disc 01 | Disk 02 | Disk 03 | … etc. This is not what I want to see. I gave up and have listed them as separate albums. What I want to see is the box set cover then be able to click on that and have a album cover view of the albums contained within the box set.

I’d be interested to hear however other users deal with box sets like this and whether the elves at Roon have any plans to improve box set views?

There is much commentary on the subject if you dig back in the forum

Splitting off individual discs can work but more often doesn’t , many have fillers on the discs ,ie original disc plus bonus stuff.

Often the only chance of Roon’s ID ing a box is if it’s left alone

Box sets are a major shortfall in Roon , we have hoping for action for quite a while

Me too, but the wife disagrees :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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Boxed sets are a pain that’s for sure. I’m new to Roon, but it’s already an issue for me. And the issue has been on going for over three years?


Ongoing and completely unaddressed.

The architectural changes to the Roon Data Model must be quite complex or I am sure this would have been addressed by now

Seems to me lack of progress could be this structural modelling or simply the “votes” for improvements that reach a greater audience or dare I even suggest attracts more NEW Roon users (hence subs).

I have commented before that I have got around the issue by running two systems in parallel. JRiver allows for Custom Tags and Custom views which makes Box Sets a breeze. Since I need DLNA for other reasons keeping 2 servers up makes sense to me. Inevitably running one system must be the prime objective as dual maintenance is never a good thing.

I presume Roon as ever would not release a half way house solution but to wait until the perfect solution has been developed. For me even being able to add a “Disc Title” rather than the elusive Disc 101 would go part way , I have these disc names in custom tags already.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is the silence on any progress from the Roon team , I am not asking for a date of release just a hint that at least its being looked at …