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Is there a simple solution for using a handheld remote with Roon? Something out of the box so I don’t need an engineering or IT degree to set up?

No screen, just buttons to control track, volume, pause, stop, mute. Something simple so I don’t need to keep reach for the iPad, log in, start the app, press the speaker icon, then FINALLY increase or decrease volume…

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Devices used as Roon remotes need to meet a certain number of criteria (see here and here) and it is unlikely that such a remote as you are describing would meet them.

However, I’ve moved this thread into the Roon Software category, so other Roon subscribers can chime in and, maybe one of them has found something close to what you’re looking for.


I am using a logitech harmony remote for that purpose and it works well once you have installed the extension Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

Hi Justin,

while you won’t need an engineering or IT degree - some tinkering might be involved.

You can set up RoPieee by @spockfish on a Raspberry Pi, attach a FLIRC IR dongle and then use pretty much any IR remote you can think of. For me, I like the old Apple TV aluminum remote. However, using this method, remote control will be limited to one zone per RoPieee device.

Should you have any questions let me know.


I’ve attached a picture of what the solution could look like in case you’re interested. I have a few of these scattered around my apartment for different zones. The touchscreen is optional, you can just as easily use the Raspberry by itself.

A drastic step is to buy an endpoint with a remote that works with roon. Naim have remotes for the uniti line.

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