Hard Drive Selection - Reliability, Performance, Cost

Yes they do. Can’t explain the manufacturing performance difference, but HGST sure holds up better.

My brother has 2x2tb HGST drives that have been running in a Qnap Nas for 11 years and are still going strong!



This is what my FreeNAS has as well. I been running them for about 4yrs now. No problems what so ever.
My Motherboard went out and is been replaced twice… the HDD still running like nothing is going on!

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these are nice

Those are old data. Seagate NAS in 2017 are order of magnitude more reliable now.

For price/performance/reliability, Seagate are the choice and that’s the reason why Backblaze ordered tons of them unless you are willing to pay more for HGST.

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Seagate still the worst for home use!
They only use Seagate Enterprise because of price and still the failure rate is high!


Thanks folks! When in doubt avoid?. So what’s left is Samsung? I don’t see Hitachi

WD also not fairing well.

Their SSD are excellent. I don’t know them for spinning drives…

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Cost v Reliability v Crystal ball forecasting … this is why many people value RAID 5 or 6 and NAS storage.

It’s all very well to opt for the simplicity of no fault tolerance plus a backup strategy, but after you have had to recover your data a few times and check for gaps, instead of doing anything else you’d rather be doing it gets really old really fast. After doing this three times in 14 months, over a decade ago, I moved to Synology and have never looked back. The only significant changes I’ve made have been hardware upgrades and moving to RAID 6.

A RAID array can still fail, so it you should still have a backup.
You still need another backup.

An directly attached USB drive to ROCK still perform better than a NAS.

I use this and have a backup on my NAS.
And occasionally (not often enougth) I backup the NAS which ensures that I don’t loose everything.

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Slightly OT - but I think it’s worth repeating: RAID is not a substitute for Backup



I Second this!

I first send my music to my NAS (FreeNAS) which than replicates to my Roon server via Syncthing.
My NAS backs up to two places: rclone -> google drive and crashplan.
Nether of this cloud services hold my sensitive data, Sensitive data I back up to my colo.
I cringe every time I hear people say the exact same thing @HTTP_404 is saying… :smirk:

@Geoff_Coupe excellent read!

Don’t pay attention to the naysayers. Seagate Firecuda is fine. Great price and a 5-year limited warranty. Buy one, back up regularly, don’t look back.


Its easy to say what ever and pawn it to others when Is not you who is going to have to go through the hassle that comes behind bad drives…

I’m only one data point and don’t like making sweeping generalizations.

But I had to return 3 Lacie (Seagate) 4TB external hard drives under warranty and 2 Seagates. Each time they would replace the faulty unit with another one that failed later. I couldn’t get a refund because that was the shop’s terms and conditions.

I now have 2 WD’s, one as my main and the other as a pure offline backup and both are dead reliable for 6 months now.

If I had to advise a friend or family member on a purchase I would go with WD.

Again, I’m just one data point. There may be a lot of really bad WD experiences out there which would make me lucky.

are those wd red you use?im unsure which drives to buy myself wd red seem to be popular not sure how the other wd drives or other makes fare with roon users.

Hi Gary, no I just use external drives.

This one: https://www.wdc.com/products/portable-storage/my-passport-ultra-new.html

I have one 4TB that’s always running and one 4TB that’s just a backup, which I do once a week and keep offline and unplugged from everything. Nothing fancy for my needs.

I have a 3rd 4tb backup drive, the Lacie which was the last replacement I got but I don’t trust it and I wouldn’t want to sell it to anyone for the same reason lol.

hi sean
i have looked at them the problem is i have about 15 tb of music so i would need 4 of them and use a powered hub which was my original idea.
then i was thinking about some sort of das enclosure for bigger harddrives but really i just want to use usb 3 externals drives.

Eep that’s a lot!

I’ll have to defer to others for help here. I can only think of a NAS as the best immediate solution but not 100% sure of other simpler solutions.


You can do something like this:

Note: I have no experience with any of this enclosures…