Hardware upgrade for ROON Nucleus + / Nucleus for about 4 euros

Hello dear music friends!
My writing is aimed at owners of a ROON Nucleus or Nucleus + and the hardware development of ROON.
Looking for ways to optimize the sound of my hi-fi equipment, I contacted Mr. Saul from “AudioSaul” in Germany. I thought about buying a new power supply for my Nucleus +. During our conversation, Mr. Saul pointed out to me that there is significantly greater potential for a sound improvement in downgrading the USB output from 3.0 or 3.1 to USB 2.0. This downgrade (upgrade) is not a big deal and can also be done by a layperson. Instructions are available in an article from Mr. Saul on his website. Roon Nucleus vs. PrimeMini - AUDIOSAUL HiFi-Studio
Another article on the subject of USB 2.0 versus USB 3.0 can also be found there. Klingt USB 2.0 besser als USB 3.0? - AUDIOSAUL HiFi-Studio
I’ve done this with my Nucleus + and the sound quality gain is enormous.
I wish you good luck and listening pleasure.


Wasn’t that covered very recently?
If my memory serves me right, the internal USB connection inside the Nucleus is 2.0 and someone connected to that for a reported sq increase.

If you or your source has a graph that demonstrates the improvement, I would love to see it.

[PS: not a snarky comment, even though it reads like one. :slight_smile: ]

Hi john!
First off, thanks for responding to my article. Second, no, I don’t have any technical documentation as evidence. However, it was not my intention to provide technical evidence through my article. My concern was to pass on my experiences to these people who, like me are looking for emotions through listening to music. So a completely different approach. It may be that diagrams and data sheets also convey emotions, but that is not my approach. I prefer to rely on my innate measuring instrument, my ears. And my ears tell me that the potential of my system has increased significantly since this conversion of the Nucleus +. The bass has gained in presence and dynamism. The representation on the stage is more natural and precise, more differentiated, without being analytical. All of this clearly perceptible. This is what it sounds like with my system. So now I see 3 ways for you to find out whether that sounds like that with your system.

  1. You also rebuild your nucleus.
  2. You visit me and listen to the result.
  3. You’re ignoring my article.
    Kind regards, Arnold

May be. I dont know.
Greetings Arnold

Thank you for your interest.
Greetings Arnold

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I realise that this is probably auto-translated by Google from German to English, but what exactly does this sentence mean when properly translated (from the first article linked)?:

I connect the Nucleus + to the Phoenix and I am excited like a bowling alley.

This is a German idiom and, precisely translated, means - like be tensioned as arrow and arc. It wants to describe the tension before the upcoming event.

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