Has Roon Radio Regressed?

For a while (1.1?) it was a standing joke in our house: When Radio clicked in after anything classical, we’d definitely hear a Bach Cello suite. Every single damn time.

And then it got better. It got to where it was quite enjoyable.

Lately, though, it seems worse again. For a while, whenever I’d play jazz, “A Love Supreme” would come on–every time. Now, after anything resembling free jazz (Ornette, whatever), it’s Julius Hemphill. Seemingly without exception. It’s on now.

These things happen sometimes in software projects, right? Fixes in one update somehow get left out of the next update. I’m wondering if that happened here.


Thought I would add: Right after Hemphill came … A Love Supreme.

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I’ve had Roon Radio playing for the last few hours (first time in quite a while) and I must say some magic has clearly been worked under the hood…the mix is flowing beautifully and I’ve yet to get stuck rotating a handful of artists. Bloody hell, I’ve got a great music collection :crazy_face:

I tried Radio last night for the first time in a while. I had a Tag with 105 artists in it and clicked “Start Radio.” Roon could only rotate through the same 6 artists, over and over. So my gut feeling is that it hasn’t improved.

That said, I have wondered whether Roon would try a sociology experiment on us and improve Radio and Shuffle without telling us, so as to see if we keep making the same comments although the algorithm has changed.

Perhaps due to whatever randomness generating factor is in the algorithm, it can occasionally be perceived as doing a better or different job. I have thought that a few times. Or maybe I was just in a better mood for any music.

Same here, unfortunatly no improvement, same old behaviour.
Radio is the biggest flaw in Roon and we have to wait far too long for a better radio

We are actively working on improving the radio algorithms.


Love to hear this and hope we don’t have to wait too long

Lovely, and long overdue. Just occasionally it will surprise me and pick just the right sequence of tunes, but I rarely give it the opportunity now due to past performance.

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That’s great to hear.

The combination of quality Radio + Roon’s metadata is what I was looking the most forward to when I subscribed years ago. It’s going to be one of those “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” things.

I find it one of the more annoying "features " in Roon and hopefully it will be improved very shortly, it really has been left for far too long.


Seems I had a lucky run then yesterday.

Most annoying for me is that when playing tidal streams it won’t play radio from my own library when the tidal stream stops.
If this is the case then grey out the radio option as it’s not relevant when it won’t work.

The whole randomness thing is as much of an issue to fix too.

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