Have option to always show "Top Tracks"

Roon has the ability to display “Top Tracks” from an artist, pulled from tidal.

This feature request is to have an option to ALWAYS show that (so long as you are logged in to tidal).
Because currently, as soon as you put a FLAC/local file from an artist into your library, the “Top Tracks” section of the artist page disappears.

If I have no music in my local library from the artist “Tame Impala”, then going to the artist page shows this:

It will also look like this if I have music from them in my library from tidal.
BUT, as soon as I purchase/download a FLAC file from that artist, their page will now look like this:

Top tracks no longer shows, and there is no option to display it again. The only way to get it to show again is to delete all FLAC files from that artist from my library.

This is frustrating because there will be ocassions where I find a song which I like, and i’ll only have ONE song from that artist. So i’ll want to go to their page to see what their top tracks are and listen to some more. But I can’t, because roon will not show it.

This means I now need to quit roon and open up the native tidal app.

It would be absolutely fantastic if there was an option we could enable to force “Top Tracks” to show all the time, regardless of if we already have music from that artist or not. It seems kind of silly to hide it just cause we have one song from them.


I can replicate what you are seeing with “Tame Impala” but I don’t think it’s being deliberately hidden as such … if I look at a different artist say “London Grammar” (for which I have both local and Tidal content in my library) Roon still displays the top tracks.

I’m wondering if what you are seeing is because Roon is not importing the top-tracks correctly when and artist is added to the library.

Let’s tag @support as this might be a bug.

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I just use tidal in Roon, I miss “most popular song” when I choose an artist.
If I don’t have any songs in my library top 8 song came up.
If I have 1 song from artist in playlist, no popular songs came up.
Is it possible to got “All most popular song” all time?

Regards Lars Martin Myhre


Thats odd

I’m not entirely sure. I get the exact same result with any artist

No local files = Top tracks shows up

Local files = Top tracks disappears

If it is a bug hopefully it can be fixed.
I’m loving roon, but this is one of my only two frustrations at the moment and I really hope it can be sorted

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I always get top tracks if I own actual files by the artist. If I have not added the artist, I always get top tracks. If it is an artist which I ONLY have an album added from a streaming service, then it becomes hit or miss whether I get the top tracks or not.

Hi @GoldenSound,

We are aware of some situations that cause the Top Tracks section of the Artist page to not appear in Roon. There are upcoming changes being made to the Artist page that will address this issue, though I can’t promise any specific timeframes here as this is part of a larger ongoing project.

We appreciate the report, Cameron, and you have our apologies for the inconvenience.


Any word on when Roon will list top tracks by artist?


I was hoping this would be resolved in 1.7. Please show all Top Tracks regardless if one has one or many albums in their library. It’s a great way to find more from an artist but we’re ‘punished’ for adding any to our libraries.

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Shame to see this was still not fixed in the latest update :frowning:
Feels so clunky to have to run tidal side by side with roon to get what honestly should be a very basic feature


Hi. New to roon and love it except for not showing top tracks consistently. Lack of top tracks is a giant impediment to exploring new artists with roon, one of the main uses of this expensive tool. It’s crazy!

Any update when this might be fixed ? This is a feature every music service has!


I agree. Need top tracks. I have to keep going back to Spotify to see the top tracks.


Is there any news on this? Its such a strange feature/design choice to have the top tracks seemingly only appear at random.

Having an “Always display top tracks from Tidal” option would be incredibly beneficial

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Ok i just paid for my first year of roon and NO top tracks??? This is standard and a most-used feature on other systems like BluOS. How can this not be at the top of their list to figure out?

Any way to ask for a refund until this is resolved?

It’s essential to see top tracks by artist. Are you supposed to know which album every song came from? Or supposed to know the official song name for every song you want to hear?

Also, the search function. I just searched for Rod Stew and Rod Steward NEVER showed up… Tidal, spotify, bluOS etc etc etc are smart at searching and spelling doesn’t really matter.

Come on Roon.

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What is the “some situations” part? I’m not seeing top tracks on any artist I’ve searched.


My second day using Roon with Tidal and Qobuz and I love it so far. I don’t see Top Tracks artist. This is huge obstacle to explore new artists’ music. Hopefully, I’m still on my free trial time 12 days more to go, I hope to hear something something from Roon regarding this issue before my trial ends.

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This is interesting… will be curious to learn the pattern.

Unrelated, I have a totally different Top Tracks but that is probably licensing and services. I am US w/ both Tidal and Qobuz currently. Oh, and my bio of the band is totally different! There is always so much more going on under the hood of Roon than we realize!!

What are you using to view Roon, PC, tablet, phone?
If I’m on my PC and view the artist, then scroll down, top tracks is there. I don’t have that view on my Android phone.
One artist exploration feature that is usable on my phone is the “Play Now” function in artist view. It is somewhat the same in the sense that you’ll hear a variety of songs from that artist, but not necessarily their ‘top hits’. Personally, I much prefer this way to explore an artist or composer.

I believe I was able to figure out this issue.

I did this test using the Roon desktop app on my MacBoor Air.

I saw that Roon was not displaying the Top Tracks list for smooth artist, but no for other ones.

I found that the artists that Roon wasn’t displaying their Top Tracks were the artists that at least I have one of their songs added to My Collection (TIDAL) or to my Favourites (Qobuz).

Same applies if you add the artist or the album to your Collection or Favourites.

For example Roon was not showing the Top Tracks of The Rolling Stones because I added to My Collection in TIDAL their song Living In A Ghost Town. I removed the song from My Collection and now Roon is showing the Top Tracks of The Rolling Stones.

Same issue with Qobuz I had the last album of Fiona Apple as one of my Favourites. Roon wasn’t showing her Top Tracks. I removed that album from my Favourites, and now I can see in Roon the Top Tracks of Fiona Apple.

Regarding to music stored in my local hard drive imported to Roon, same problem, although sometimes Roon shows the Top Tracks, but only list tracks that I have in my local hard drive of that artist.

Luckily, I’m still on trial period, I’m loving Roon, but I’m not sure if I am ready to concede the lack of that feature. My way of start exploring new artist is going to their Top Tracks.


The more artists I try the more I get confused about how roon is running “Top Tracks” under the hood.

-Some artists have no top tracks at all
-Some artists it shows “top tracks” but only from tracks/albums I have in my library. Even if their most popular song I don’t have (seems to be based on which tracks I play most)
-Some artists it shows top tracks from all their music but I have no idea where it gets it from cause its totally different to spotify/tidal

It would be really great if we could just have a “Show top tracks from tidal” option or something, rather than having to have a second music service open to find out what the actual top tracks from an artist are.