Headphones thread (show us yer cans)!

Another review article

You just had to post that didn’t you. There goes another $200 :rofl: :headphones:


I know the feeling :wink:

If you listen them flat then I agree but tweak the DSP , change to Bright . They don’t match my HD800’s but they are an acceptable Phone/Bluetooth headphone combo for out and about or in my case power cuts

I can only find one sale here in SA at $500 ,the joy of living in the colonies :smiling_imp:

On Prime at Amazon, must resist. Seem to have good reviews.

Should i post them over? :grinning:

You believe reviews on Amazon :astonished:

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I do when I write them :grin:

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Its the joy of a restricted market place , I recently decided to audition some new headphones , out of 5 brands I chose I could audition ONE , the rest were to be payed for then imported from USUK as a BOX with a suitable surcharge and then import tax …

The one I could audition I already had - Sennheiser , the US & UK and probably Europe are spoiled !!

I still wouldn’t :wink:


All New Setup: Audeze LCD-XC running off an RME ADI-2 Pro FS Black Edition.


I just ordered the ZMF Caldera to match my listening area. Should match the lamp, table and Naim HE. Probably a few weeks before I actually get the headphones.


You forgot to mention the Eames chair component of the ensemble :slight_smile:

Fantastic setup. I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed with that purchase - especially in that environment. Congratulations!

New headphone station.

Recovered my wife’s bedside table.
Bluesound Node 2, Aune X7s class A headphone amp with Aune XP1 LPS and Dan Clark Audio Stealth headphones.


Some very nice headphones there. Nice setup.


Wondering if any are using Apple AirPods Pro2 even if your have nicer/musical headphones.


Yes, I have a pair (the wife uses them all the time🙄).

Pretty good for noise cancellation and ok sound.

Absolutely. They’re amazing little headphones for casual and on-the-go listening. I use then in transparency mode when running. I use them in shopping malls and other public places. Honestly think they’re great for what they are.

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I bought two pair of the AirPod Pro 2, and was very impressed by the extent of the technology. I think they sound fine for the kind of listening that I do (while doing something else). My wife likes them as something with which she can tinker. She uses them while working on cases. I do think they are less suitable (for her) for wearing them and answering a call.

I would like a pair of headphones, but they are, to me, much like turntables; selections are extensive. The last headphones (really dates me) was a pair of electrostatic Kloss headphones an amazing long time ago (ESP-9?) which weighed in excess of 37 lb (felt to me).