Help on ROCK NUC hardware

Excellent - That’s the one I went for. Thanks again for all the advice.

The X7 is for the 7th Gen NUC, not for the i7.

Compatible with the following Intel® NUC Board: NUC7i5BNH / NUC7i5BNK / NUC7i3BNH / NUC7i3BNK

I missed that, previous Plato X and X6 had been specced for the gen 5 and gen 6 i7’s respectively. I stand corrected.

Same here Seagate 2TB Baracuda, I have an external USB for my jazz and classical since I’m the only listener and didn’t fit on the internal unit. When prices come down I’ll get an internal 4TB ssd.

Is a 5400 tr/min fine or is it better to go with a 7200 tr/min?

In terms of performance, it doesn’t matter. But in terms of potential noise and heat, a 5400 drive should be better, by brand and type.

Thanks Henry, that helps a lot!