Help! What sort of Core to buy? (Meridian 218 and 5200SE 2CH system)

@agillis do you have a demo of your UI that I can look at?


I don’t but it’s very basic. There are icons for installing software such as Roon Server etc.

I agree both Apple and Widnows 10 are a pain to manage just for a Roon server.

The Skull Canyon NUC is a nice little unit but the i7-6770HQ processor is about 10% slower then a Kaby Lake i7

also with only 6MB of cache it will not be as good for upsampling or DSP functions vs the 8MB of the Kaby Lake.

Apple OSX a pain to manage, seriously? I know people generally prefer one to the other, or sometimes dislike both, but I just think ‘a pain’ is a stretch. If all you’re running is Roon you just disable Apple updates and a couple of other things if you fancy it, then leave it running. I can’t remember the last time I had to touch my headless Mac mini, and if I want to run other things on it instead of or alongside Roon, I can.

Also, I wonder whether it’s fair for commercial partners to advertise and promote their hardware on the community pages? If products are well liked, they would probably be better served being recommended by other happy users.

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@hifi_swlon I guess he is trying to make a sale and other just follow along with their personal taste/experience?
I agree with you, I am a Mac user my self and never had issues with my Mac’s.

and I agree on your “partners” comment… I am sometimes intimidated to challenge some of this guys due to been Roon partners…

Yes, no disrespect intended to any individuals, I just think the community has such a nice vibe that ‘selling’ posts from companies might detract from that.
I’ve no idea if there are any rules on this, perhaps there aren’t - in which case it’s probably fair game.

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One of the largest problems is having to have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Also if you disable updates you will at some point need to log in and re-enable them or things will stop working. Then there are the major updates that come out each year and take a while to load.

I had a PC here at my house that Roon did not run on and it turned out that my video driver was not installed correctly. I found the solution on this forum but it took me a while to fix it

Many people just want Roon to “work” without having to deal with all that.

There are quite a few happy users on this forum that recommend my products and the products of others. In this case the OP asked for a commercial solution (he said an NUC was to DIY for him) that sounds exactly like a sonicTransporter. The sonicTransporter is very relevant to this thread.

I think this thread is now very balanced with all the possible options for a Roon Server represented by community member who can vouch for them

  • Windows 10 (on an NUC)
  • Mac Mini
  • haedless Linux solution.

The OP now has all the information they need to select a Roon Server solution

in the tinkering forum see this topic - "Impressed! DSD 512 on Core i3; Smooooooth " for a fuller discussion of processing power, etc. for what it’s worth.

That’s some good stuff. @Tech_Whisky_Lab I like that netdata tool you posted about in the "Impressed! DSD 512 on Core i3; Smooooooth " thread . I’m going to look into that some more. I have been looking for a good way to monitor CPU usage from a web page.

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@agillis I am glad you like it and gives u some ideas. Netdata is very flexible and the code can be customized and fit in. I also like it because is lightweight compared to other solutions. This is one of the reason I was asking to see a demo of your UI. As a power user this is important to me along with been able to have shell access on systems such as this. Out of many products out there I think yours comes close to a “real” price point and is not per say snake oil… I do have to say that I have my opinions on your usage of the OS and how restrictive it is… Than again you must have your reasons…

The Mac mini I bought is working a treat with the Lacie 2big 6TB external drive, connected via thunderbolt etc. I have the drives mirrored just in case one fails, and perfromance of roon is nice and fast.thanks to the SSD etc.

Then using the 218 as an endpoint.

Sounds great!

Mini + 218 + 5200SE…that is a very elegant and simple system.

Some readers may not be familiar but the Meridian 5200 have power amps, pre amp, DACs ( plural) inside the speaker. They are also MQA renderers so the combination with the 218 as MQA decoder it does sound quite excellent.

Very low box count too !

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