Help with Roon sound quality

Yes this is a bit perfect Air signal path going to the Devialet and it should be equivalent to the Melco. As long as the Melco isn’t doing any DSPing.

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Well Jeff the Melco is certainly doing something :smile: : so why am I so disappointed :grinning:

Ok. So back to USB. I know you don’t want to install drivers. Would you consider making sure your Windows 10 laptop is running the latest feature updates? If you get it completely updated you will not need a driver for the Devialet.

Maybe :grinning:
What does it involve? The reason i am reluctant as whatever I did last night has messed up my Dev remote app and the Kazoo app.
What would be the reason to try this now as we have established the signal path is ok?

It is definitely the bass. With the Melco it is much tighter , I prefer this. I think using Roon the bass feels bloated in comparison. My room is lively and I have had to tame the bass with acoustic panels. This means the vocals are not as prominent as it feels the bass is drowning it out, if this makes sense.
The difference is quite substantial, if it wasnt I would not have even noticed as I am not one who is continually tweaking etc

Because you are comparing Ethernet to USB right now not Apples to Apples.

Go into windows update and make sure it’s completely up to date. This is the version you need to be on and you’ll have the Class Compliant USB driver. At that point plugging laptop into USB will only require configuring Roon with the new USB Audio device.

Just checked and its up to date

Is this done automatically?

So all you need to do to test USB is now plug your laptop into USB and go into Roon’s Settings->Audio and add the Devialet USB device and configure it for exclusive mode. Unplug Ethernet from the Devialet to make sure you are using the USB audio device.

Post your signal path here for confirmation.

Ok this was problematic to say the least
It worked and the signal path was perfect all correct and showing from usb but only lasted about 3 seconds so could not get a photo to show it . I will try again, but this is what happened as shown in this

Is there an Event Driven option in the Roon setting for the USB device. Turn it off.

There is a known bug in Roon with the Windows 10 Class Compliant driver that event style simply doesn’t work. It was reported some time last year by numerous people, the bug was reproduced and logged but never fixed.

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There you go. Now you have apples to apples for sound comparison. Roon USB & Melco USB.

Listen for a bit and then switch back to the Melco and compare again. Don’t go by memory. If they are closer now, the difference probably can be made up with a better Roon USB endpoint than your noise inducing laptop computer.

At the very least you will rule out the difference being ethernet vs USB on the Devialet.


Jeff you are a star. I,have turned the event mode off and now playing

So if it does not sound the same then it’s the Melco signature I must like as signals identical ? Is that correct ?

It depends on how different they sound. I know audiophiles in general tend to exaggerate differences heard, and I’m not saying you are doing that. But saying major difference on this forum is a concern for the support team and it makes everyone believe there is something seriously wrong or different like the Melco is doing some massaging of the audio data or vice versa.

2 bit perfect players shouldn’t have major sound differences. If the Melco sounds much better and it’s doing some type of DSPing there’s nothing you can do in Roon to replicate that sound.

Quick OT:

@support is Event Style with the Windows 10 class compliant USB driver going to be fixed?

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Jeff thank you for your help.
I think the sound now is very very close if not the same. The tight bass that i like is almost definitely there and if there is a difference it is not big enough to bother me. Its hard to believe that this makes that much difference to the bass, although I guess the Devialet is a revealing amp.
I am amazed that it was this so thanks for being patient and helping me.
I am also thinking thats just a basic laptop thats not optimised for music playback so it can only get better.
I will look at a USB connected solution now. I was not wanting to spend any cash but I really want Roon as it is a joy to use.

For now I will just have to use it via ethernet as the Kazoo app now only playing a couple of tracks and stopping…must be something i did yesterday.

I always found Air via Ethernet fuller and warmer sounding than USB. Depending on the speaker that could be good or bad. For the warmer SF speakers it didn’t work for you.

Glad you are now able to move forward with roon
SQ wise.

I had to get the Melco to replace Air as I was one of the unlucky ones with the white noise and drop outs. I was gutted at the time as I loved the JRiver app and the sound was excellent. I was worried about getting the Melco and going the USB route as Devialet used to hint that Air was the best way. The Melco though was a big step up, again it was the bass. When I tried Air last week it sounded poor in comparison to the Melco, but like you say I have the Olymicas with a richer warmer sound signature so they work great together.
I can now take my time with my decision to implement Roon, as I have music on whilst working and can use the Ethernet connection as SQ less important, than at night I can just connect it via the USB for my serious listening.
Mind I am alreday thinking about the Innuos as i was reading about it yesterday as ideally I would like the lap top out of the chain.
Its a good feeling tonight so again thanks Jeff for your patience and help with this


I have the issue.
You can read my thread her: Bad sound quality with Roon [Resolved, Ethernet Switch]


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