HLS streaming not working

I think hls streams are not supported? Try to add hls premium channels Planet Rock but it does not work. The live channel does work but that is not a HLS stream.

Hello @Tecko71 ,sometime Roon can cope, and I’ve added the low quality HLS channel. It’s still only 48k aac though.

For the premium channels, they should also work, but you may need to use http not https.
For obvious reasons I’m not adding them to the general database. If you still have problems, PM me.

While looking at the station, I noticed all streams were marked GB only. I can see no reason for this, and indeed, the website worked when I VPN’d to the US. I’ve thus removed that geo-restriction.

SomaFM is now testing HLS. I’ve tried the links they provide here https://hls.somafm.com to no avail.

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The underlying protocol is .m4s and it appears that Roon can’t deal with that. I’ll inform the Devs.

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