How are we adding Tracklists to DJ mixes?

In iTunes I would copy and paste the tracklist to the Lyrics section under Info.
I don’t see a place to do the same in Roon.
I assume making a new Tag doesn’t leave me room for an entire tracklist?

In case I’m not making myself clear, frequently a DJ album will not separate songs into distinct tracks but just play as one long track. In these instances the tracklist is sometimes available as a text file (Song Name, Artist Name, etc) which I’d like to attach to the album somewhere, somehow.

Not inside Roon. As with your other issue, you will need to do some collection grooming outside of Roon. You could use a metadata tag editor to paste the track list into the COMMENT tag. Or you could save the track list as a PDF and store it in the album folder. Either way, you then could access the info via Roon.


I’m still really surprised Roon doesn’t allow ID tagging of our own files. Almost every other player allows this.

Do no harm. Roon, by design, is incapable of modifying your music files. That precludes Roon from editing your metadata.


I understand that, but it still surprises me. I wonder why they allow deletion of our local files then? That seems like the opposite of do no harm. If I somehow deleted my files I would be very upset. Editing of ID tags doesn’t really seem too harmful.

Deletion of files is a hangover from earlier versions of Roon that did mess with your files. It no longer does, and the fact that this dangerous feature remains is a mystery. Roon is not a file manager.

@WiWavelength how is the Comment tag viewable in Roon? I don’t recall ever seeing any.

Tony, for examples of metadata tags viewable in Roon, just see this post and surrounding screenshots…


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Many thanks. That has also answered another mystery for me; that of strange text being returned by some search terms. It is clearly text added to the album tag in the file itself, but not in the folder name (and is searchable). dBPoweramp can sometimes put some additional text in the Album tag, not always correctly.