How do I enlarge the scope of Roon's radio rotation

Seems to be returning to the same tracks. It’s running without any input from me.


Good question.

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The ability to modify the Radio function is something I suggested earlie. A slide type bar would be nice-i.e. More of a particular artist or more discovery, so to speak. Hopefully under consideration, along with reaching into Tidal tracks not currently on favorite list.

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You can multiselect multiple genres, artists, or albums and come up with broader selections…

We have modifying the radio on the roadmap… but the team that owns radio is totally swamped with iOS for the next few weeks.


Oh yeah. Much better.

The thumbs up, thumbs down selector occasionally stays on a single album through a number of thumbs down but overall the scope includes the genres I selected.


I’m bumping this thread because I’d REALLY like to see some progress in the Radio functionality.

What I sorely miss is a terrific plug-in that I used to use a lot on my Squeezebox, called SugarCube from SpiceFly ( While I may not have loved the UI, the listening experience was unparalleled for me. It selected the next song by looking for similarities to the current song, allowing exclusions based on a number of configurable parameters. The result was a really great journey through my music collection. You could essentially control this random walk through the collection allowing a lot of meandering or a focused cruise.

I find the current Roon Radio offering, as other have commented, is really pretty limited. It essentially wobbles among a very small subset of artists and gets tiring after a short time. I’ve had the same sorts of problems over the years with other systems, notably Genius Mixes on iTunes, Smart Playlists, Apple Radio, and others of that ilk.

In these days of expansive collections, finding a careful way to browse “randomly” adds a whole new dimension to music and I crave it sometimes.

I find that Roon does a great job with UI and offers innovation in exploring a music collection – enhanced by Tidal – for album, artist, genre, sub-genre, date and format-based listening. But often I really want an interestingly random walk through my music, but something that doesn’t produce the jarring (or repetitive) results that come from truly random selections. Controlled randomness would be so nice.

For my listening, this sort of functionality is far more important than obsessive playlist controls. I usually don’t want to put the research into creating a perfect playlist for a particular occasion. I’d rather give direction and let the computer do the research.

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The link for how roon works says that I don’t have permission to access that link!

Is there anwhere that DOES explain Radio and how it works - especially when, as I do, I DO NOT have TIDAL linked?


Does this help?’s_Radio_and_how_does_it_work%3F

Thanks, much appreciated!