How do I log out and sign in as a different account?

How do I log out and sign in as a different account?

side bar -> profile -> account -> logout

we really should put account on settings too. Ill make a note of it.

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Thank you!
Now, I think I will need to get two unlimited license for my needs. Can I use the same email address to get two licenses?
Or is it possible to remote over the internet?

It is not possible to remote over the internet. Some have brought this up, and I’d love to do this, but it’s not on the scheduled roadmap right now.

If you would like 2 licenses, you can just go to the website, and when you buy the right license, just login with your existing account instead of creating a new account.

Shoot me a private message when you are done and I’ll double check everything is good.

Thanks Danny. So basically, one license per network (LAN) then, correct?

Correct – within a network you’ll need one license, which can manage a single library and can drive unlimited remotes.

If you want to simultaneously run Roon on another network, you’ll need a second license.

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