How does Roon Radio work? What do you think of Roon Radio?

Hello everybody! How does Roon Radio work? What are the algorithms? It seems that if I choose a song of a french song to strart Roon Radio, Roon Radio will suggest any latino or african or russian or international song that has nothing to do with the initial song. I would like to understand.
Why Roon audio analysis tags every song if the Roon Radio is so inadequate?
I thank you in advance for your answers.

Read post 113 where roon explain radio and their plans. Just as a general point there are often discussions underway in the forums and a quick search on " roon radio algorithm" …

Oh thank you.
What I do not understand is that Deezer and even Tidal have a nice way to suggest adequate songs from a certain song; the problem is that the songs that Deezer or Tidal suggest to listen to are not necessary in our computer library.
How come Roon Radio does not succeed in this kind of suggestions in our library? For me, it was one of the most important reasons that I subscribed to Roon : a way to make us listening to songs in my library that are related and that we did not know yet or think about yet. Wow! That was a fantastic way to discover songs in my library.
Now if I understand well your answer, it would mean that this feature (Roon Radio) on Roon is not very important or not a success and not very trustable? For now?
Thank you to try to help me.

Well, it is very important but many think there is room for improvement. It is on the roadmap to be improved so we will wait and see what the next phase of improvement brings. As with all roadmap items, there is no priority or timescale set against it.


Thank you to answer me, but how can we explain that the algorithms of Deezer or Tidal are so more acurate than the ones of Roon Radio? I read that many persons do not find very good the suggestions of Roon Radio and that the improvements are not yet on the road…
I hope you understand my deception because I think that Roon Radio should play a great importance for Roon users.

Because they use different algorithms and are basing it all on music that’s in their own database in the cloud. Roon is running on your local computer looking at what you have and then working it out on your library. It’s far from perfect and still a work in progress at the moment but for me it does a good job and takes you on some wild journeys. I am glad it doesn’t stick to one genre like so many do, it seems to look for some odd links at times but it’s not for everyone. But it’s better than it was as it would play the same artist/genre again and again before

Thanks @CrystalGipsy . It is true that Roon Radio does not make you listen to the same songs or the same genre and that could be a good thing if at least the list would suggest songs that could have a link to the first song! Like I said, if a song is in French and is the base of Roon Radio, the list will suggest pieces from Africa, India or any other countries than USA… Maybe I should change the settings in the audio analysis and the tags in the audio analysis?

I suspect that Roon Radio is well-nigh random (I can give examples) but I still like it. I have restricted it to only my library and most days it reminds me of something I haven’t listened to for ages. That is good news.

Unfortunately, Roon Radio is a joke. [Moderated]

Roon Radio for Pop/Rock ‘Genre’ - plays one recognisable track from your library - then switches to instrumental/Christmas/Techno/Opera or any other Genre other than Pop/Rock.


Another peculiarity: If I switch zones the Roon radio selection changes.

It might be peculiar, but it might also be expected behavior. Are you transferring the zone from one endpoint to another, or starting Roon Radio on another zone that had been playing something else?
I’d expect the former would keep playing the same Roon Radio sequence, while the latter might switch based on a new seed.
Can’t say I’ve ever tried this…

Each zone has its own queue. So, if you are literally switching between different endpoints, then yes, they should be different. If you are transfering then it should be maintained.

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Finally, I am giving Roon Radio a run as I sit in splendid isolation. I have to say, I have been impressed and like the feedback you can submit should you reject a song.

I started on Brooks Williams and am now on Ben Glover with a nice journey in between


It’s also proprietary, uses “data science” based on tags, I would guess but don’t know.

I’ve been using Roon for well over a year now, and I find that Roon Radio works more or less perfectly for me. I have discovered lots of albums for my library that would never have come across were it not for Roon Radio.

I simply don’t understand your claim that “Roon Radio plays one recognisable track from your library - then switches to instrumental/Christmas/Techno/opera or any genre other than pop/rock”

You must be very unlucky!

In all the time I have been using Roon I can pretty well say definitively that Roon Radio has never offered me a track from ‘Christmas’ or ‘Techno’ genres. Nor has it offered me an ‘Opera’ track when I have started out in my preferred genre.

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Reviving this thread…

I tried starting the Radio from the track Mad World by Youngblood Brass Band, a R&B/hip hop/jazz brass band combo thing. From then on Roon Radio would only play thrash and death metal (i skipped through 10-20 songs just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke), which is so dissimilar it put me off the radio altogether. Using Qobuz if it matters.

Why didn’t it work?

Its extremely repetitive, plays the same set of artists in a loop, and always chooses to stream from Qobuz/Tidal rather than same track in better quality from the local library.

I think it’s subpar and a gimmick. Radio features in Tidal, Apple Music, Qobuz serve me much better for music discovery. They talk about AI powered engine and so on, which is plain sales speak for me. Because I find it to be extremely unintelligent.

Hopefully they will fix it in the future.

I don’t know what genres of music you prefer, but I find that with my main genre (Blues and Blues influenced
Rock), the choices offered to me are very varied and not at all repetitive.

I have discovered many new artists and album material via Roon Radio.

Good for you. The repetitive nature of Roon Radio has been researched and documented in this thread quite extensively.

But still one perspective. A different library and user gives different results.
By its very nature roon radio will be carve a narrow path in listening as that’s how most people listen to their music according to most studies I’ve read.

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