How long does it take for new Qobuz releases to show in Roon

There’s a new Waxahatchee album out on Qobuz but it doesn’t show up in Roon. Does it take time?

Short answer, yes. It can take a day or two for Roon to catch up with Qobuz new releases.

I just give it a few days now for roon to catch up. Still bothers me a bit but there are more important things to worry about recently.

If you really cannot wait, you can get the new albums in Roon almost instantaniuosly (most of the time)

Go to Qobuz website / app and Heart (like) the album(s) you want to listen to.

Go back to Roon - open Settins - Services - Qobuz - synchronize now
Click done when synchronization has finished.

Go to Albums, wher you should find back the albums newly added to your Library.
If you do not like an album, just delete it from your Library, it will be unhearted in Qobuz.


This was out ages ago on Tidal, added weeks ago.

Says it came out March 26. Clicking the heart in Qobuz and then syncing in roon doesn’t work.

Yep I just tried to add it via Qobuz it does not add it. I have it in my library from Tidal already and it does not offer up another version. Something odd here @support any ideas as to why this is missing . Albums been out for weeks.

I think we’ve only just received the necessary streaming rights details for this album from Qobuz; I expect this will be resolved tomorrow. Apologies for the delay.

Thanks all for helping figure this one out

Hi @Benb. The Qobuz release of Saint Cloud should be available to you now.

I see this as available thru search now but it was not in my collection even though I click the heart in Qobuz the other day. I had to add it to library thru roon.

Syncing isn’t immediate (unless you get lucky), but you can force a sync either by going into:

Main Menu --> Settings --> Services --> Qobuz

or going onto the main Qobuz page from the Main Menu and clicking the circular arrow at the top left.

Yesterday Fleet Foxes released a new album. I can find it in the Qobuz app and gave it a like, but it doesn’t show up in Roon. Did a forced sync but didn’t help.

Read the thread, sometimes it takes time.

New Fleet Foxes interested.

Ho hum is my review on listening…

Yep I was a little underwhelmed. Sounded a bit flat as well.