How much longer will Roon offer a lifetime subscription?


What about when you die? Can you pass a lifetime subscription on to your heirs?


Of course not; it’s your lifetime, not the service’s lifetime. It isn’t a refrigerator.

I guess you were joking?

(Mr Fix It ) #44

you sure it’s not for the life of the product or your life which ever ends first? :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems a bit unfair. I could buy it today and drop dead tomorrow.

(Martin Kelly) #46

You could subscribe for an annual contract for Qobuz and drop dead tomorrow.
So what’s your point?


If the only deathbed regret you have is that you didn’t get your money out of your Roon subscription, then you’ve already had a fair life.


Then again, Roon will have no way of knowing that I’ve died - I can hardly tell them - and my wife knows my passwords and could easily pass them on to her heirs ., so a lifetime Roon subscription might actually endure several lifetimes …

(Mr Fix It ) #49

30 days money back :money_mouth_face: but you still can’t take it with you :tired_face:

In heaven everyone has golden ears and unlimited audiophile quality streaming…in the other place you get MP3 and MQA :flushed:


Hmm, you reading this, @danny? :laughing:

Seems like cheating. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(JohnV) #51

You will want to make sure that your death is not officially noted by any regulatory body or press, e.g., coroners, IRS, newspapers.

If you do that, your heirs can rip off Roon until eternity. And you, looking down on this, can laugh and laugh.


This thread will be the death of me.

(Michael) #53

What a strange turn this thread has taken… Pretty sure that if I drop dead today my family will continue to use Roon (well, up to the point where the PC running Roon stops working :wink:

Pretty sure Roon Labs is not losing any sleep over this use case.

(Mike) #54

I’m pretty sure the terms and conditions don’t require one to log out just before taking their terminal breath :rofl:


Don’t forget to tell your family (with your dying breath) to keep the e-mail active that you used for Roon registration.:smirk:

(Frank Nickel) #56

I’m pretty sure that all my PC, s will die first.