How to get the best experience from Roon Radio?

I wish I had your optimism. They know there’s a bug in Valence – we told them 2+ years ago, yet they haven’t fixed it? Mind boggling. The Roon app on iOS is also still a hot garbage, non-native app ported from Android. I don’t know what they are trying to do with this service, but it’s clear they’re not focusing on the things that matter to me… and I’m a HUGE music lover. They talk a nice talk about Roon Radio, but they have failed to deliver. Plexamp is SO much better it’s not even a close contest.


It definitely is very sad to see ROON radio lacking so much over a long time. And also no team member replying which could shed some light about what’s going on.

Oh that could explain the also very long lasting/annoying iOS remote touch screen sensitivity and choppy scrolling [Improvements released] it seems then.
But I thought the development environment these days is better to generate cross platform apps?

I am sure Plex will be cross development, makes no sense to not be unless you only release on one platform.

Using PlexAmps TimeTravel radio this morning, really good journey through the ages. Another neat PlexAmp trick is it remembers where you where in songs and can return to that point of you skip or move on by mistake. Handy for audiobooks.


My experience exactly. Radio very quickly limits itself to not only a small subset of artists but also a small subset of their albums. It’s awful.


I just tried Plexamp radio using Dua Lipa as a seed. There was lots of repetition of both the seed artist, radio artists - Harry Styles, Doja Cat, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber etc and also albums from within this artist group. It seemed a little better than Roon Radio but not much.

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Does the radio algorithm behave differently when skipping tracks versus letting them play through?

This can only be answered by ROON. @noris might be able to help or provide a link etc

I too gave Plexamp a try and had a similar experience with radio. Lots of artist repitition with pop seeds. Unless I’m missing something, it also seems like you have to rely on AirPlay or other phone/tablet streaming to the endpoint (unless you’re using a computer or AppleTV, etc.), which I don’t care for. I’d rather have tracks stream through the endpoint like they do with Roon or Tidal Connect. Stil holding out hope that Roon will eventually sort out the issues with radio.

Yeah I’d say that PlexAmp radio (a) requires a big local library and complete Sonic Analysis, and (b) is much more “lean forward” than Roon. When you teach it by clicking on “up next” it learns fairly quickly and can seem kind of magic even though you’re helping it more than you realize.

That’s why I put this feature request in, I think it is the core of the difference - part interface, part more data collected on expressed preference, Pat options available. If you agree, welcome your votes:

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Been running all day not a single repeat. It is more DiY but lots of users for Roon are to, plug in a pi and you have a streamer to a DAC. There are others who prefer turnkey and this is where Plex falls down unless you go Chromecast or AirPlay or Sonos.

Yeah, it does seem like Plex isn’t quite as varied if I play Dua Lipa radio. It does mix in tracks from Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, Doja Cat, and Olivia Rodrigo fairly frequently. But at least it doesn’t seem to be stuck on only single albums from those artists like Roon Radio.

I suspect that part of this is that I have near zero post-2000 mainstream pop in my personal library, so it must be leaning more on Tidal to create stations from this genre because it has nothing to pull from my library via Sonic Analysis etc.

As a long-time Roon subscriber with two lifetime subscriptions, I share the Roon Radio frustrations. I’d love to see them offer something that can be more tailored to my listening preferences.

What I miss more than anything is a plugin I formerly used with my LMS/Squeezebox called called “Sugarcube” (Spicefly - Sugarcube). My favorite use case allows you to “wobble” through your music collection with each song providing the seed to the subsequent song. It uses MusicIP to get “sonic similarity” within whatever parameters the user chooses on how far it can drift from the last track, and along which dimensions it might drift (genre, artist, recency, date, album, how repetitive, etc.). Because it was so highly configureable, it could work with large or small collections as long as you’re willing to fiddle with it a bit.

Without anything like Sugarcube, I’ve largely given up on Roon radio. My replacement is simply streaming Radio Paradise when I’m in a lazy discovery mood (frequently!). I love RP, but it’s definitely not the same kind of awesome discovery of my own collection that I enjoyed with Sugarcube on Squeezebox.


Weil as long es we don’t get any feedback by ROON this is like speaking into the dark :grimacing:


Roon radio actually made me laugh the other day.

I was listening to a really nice singer / songwriter type indie pop. Just relaxing, the album came to and end, radio kicks in.

Out blares what can only be described as screamo metal. The worst part was I had it turned up relatively loud as the indie pop was quite quiet.

I have maybe 10 metal albums in my library and all of them are basically metal crossover with shoegaze.

Roon radio is now limited to my library.


Never had it do that. When it kicks in it always plays a track by the same artist first but from a different album. Never had it go to another artist or a different genre straight away unless there isn’t anything in qobuz for that artist. But it’s generally follows suit musical wise. What does happen though is the queue sticks to the previous radio seed if you decide queue stuff up instead of play now which resets the queue and seed to the next last track. This becomes very annoying if you changed styles as it jumps back to the previous style when that album track ends. It should resets whenever the radio is interrupted by a user choice.

Played Kind of Blue yesterday and if there was an off-track betting office nearby I would have put all my money on it playing Autumn Leaves off Cannonball Adderley’s Somethin’ Else when KoB finished and I would have cleaned up.

I’m just so tired of the same-old same-old. Great music, but please play some deeper cuts!

I might try to limit RR to library, just to see if that messes with the algorithm in a positive way, but I always think I’ll miss out on the occasional discovery. (Although, I do have albums in my library that I’ve added and haven’t heard yet, so it might be just fine.)

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I think Spotify Radio does a good job, I like its AI radio algorithm.

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Isn’t Spotify “radio” actually just a playlist now?

There are both “mix” and playlist in Spotify radio if I am not mistaken.