[How To] RoonServer on QNAP NAS (Windows VM)

Sure, various flavours of Squeezebox (Modwright Transporter, Touch and occasionally a Boom) and various Remotes (PC Desktop, laptop and Macbook) all used as local playback devices through on-board sound cards - i.e. nothing fancy.

QNAP hardwired to router. All clients fed wirelessly.

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Will this work on Synology servers?

Hi Mark,

I would like to do the same as you did, but I do not have any Linux Know How.

Is there a description somewhere I could use to duplicate what you did?

I did manage to install Lubuntu but could not get the Roon installer running.


Regards Peter

Hi Mark

When I do a minimal Lubuntu 15.10 Wily install I get a black screen (in a VM on my QNAP) and no way to control or interact with it. Any ideas what could be going wrong here?

Hi Nick, that sounds OK.

If you open the VM in a console tab, you should be able to press ENTER and the Lubuntu login prompt will pop up. Proceed with the user you configured at install then follow the RoonServer install instructions on Roon’s page.

Once installed, you will not need to login again as the server will auto restart whenver the VM is rebooted.

I am an Ubuntu novice, but on my qnap 453 I installed Linux station from the App Store. Then tried a few things without success. For others it is best if you install the two required drivers first cifs.utils and the audio driver (not ffmpeg, the other one). Then install roon server using the auto script and set up the remotes and it is working great. Performance is excellent.


Bob, thanks for your Information regarding Linux Station. I have done this too, this works, but After about 20 minutes Roon Stops playing, looses connection and reconnects after a minute or so, then i can Start playing again. SQ is good, i Play via a 8 m quality USB cable 16GB RAM). Responsiveness is very good with a 1000 album Collection on a iPad Pro or a Mac mini 2,8GHz i5.

I too tryd a lubuntu minimal install in Virtualisation Station, which works too, but connecting my usbdac there gets me distortion, so this is not an option, also, the Connection Problem is the Same als in Linux Station: After 20 - 30 minutes Roon loses Connection.

@roonlabs: any Information on what could be the cause for the Connection Problem?

So, i switched from Ubuntu 16.04 in Linux Station to Ubuntu 14.04 and Roon don’t lose the connection anymore, runs absolutely stable. Small glitches/dropaouts i could repair with setting Buffer Size to 250 ms instead of the standard 100ms.

The QNAP TS-x53A Series is really cool, since it has a somewhat capable Analog-Output which is able to play up to 24/192. Unfortunately, the 2 HDMI Ports are only able to deliver 16/44 out (at least this is what my DELL 2415Q gives me via the build-in Audio-Out). Best of all, my DENON PMA-50 DAC is recognized via USB in Linux-Station. Add to this the ability to add a few Raspberry Pi with RAAT/RoonBridge and you have a House full of Sound. Not that bad.


That’s good news Bernd, I am running Ubuntu 14_04 and no problems either. Ordered an IQAudio DAC to go with a raspberry pi and also using Veetop air music boxes in locations like my workshop where quality isn’t paramount. These boxes are cheap (£35) and have a Wolfson DAC but low res (24 bit). They also support AirPlay over wifi so work well in a system with an iPad as the remote. So far all good.

Hi Rob,

Let’s drop flags for @mike or @kevin to see if they can help here.

This was released natively:

Thanks for the instructions.

I Had Roon working on my QNAP TVS-1271U-RP in no time with a copy of Win 7 under VM.

@Craig_Rodger – wow, thats a beast of a qnap!

is there is a reason you are using the VM?

I installed WIndows 7 on the QNAP so it would run the RoonServer etc. I didn’t want to have a PC on all the time so thought that was a much better way to go as the QNAP is on 100% of the time.

Hi Craig,

I think @danny meant to ask:

Is there is a reason you are using the VM, rather than the native QNAP package installer for Roon (that’s now available)?

@Carl Sorry I didn’t realise there was a core app for QNAP. I will look for it and download it and see how it goes.

Update: Ok I downloaded and installed it on the QNAP. Took about 5 mins. Work’s fine. Thanks for info.

Thanks @Carl for letting you know. Sorry @danny for the confusion. This forum has a date the posts were made but not the year so I assumed it was a recent thread.

Hi again Craig,

The QNAP Roon Server package is quite a new development, @crieke in collaboration with Roon recently put the effort in to craft it, so it’s understandable you may have not been aware of it.

Thanks for the feedback on your install experience, enjoy.

Now I moved from my Windows 10 VM on my QNAP NAS to a core instalation on the NAS based on the new package. It works perfect. Very fast, low memory and cpu consumption.

Thank you Roon and Christopther for your effort. Great job!