[How To] RoonServer on QNAP NAS (Windows VM)

Thanks for the instructions.

I Had Roon working on my QNAP TVS-1271U-RP in no time with a copy of Win 7 under VM.

@Craig_Rodger – wow, thats a beast of a qnap!

is there is a reason you are using the VM?

I installed WIndows 7 on the QNAP so it would run the RoonServer etc. I didn’t want to have a PC on all the time so thought that was a much better way to go as the QNAP is on 100% of the time.

Hi Craig,

I think @danny meant to ask:

Is there is a reason you are using the VM, rather than the native QNAP package installer for Roon (that’s now available)?

@Carl Sorry I didn’t realise there was a core app for QNAP. I will look for it and download it and see how it goes.

Update: Ok I downloaded and installed it on the QNAP. Took about 5 mins. Work’s fine. Thanks for info.

Thanks @Carl for letting you know. Sorry @danny for the confusion. This forum has a date the posts were made but not the year so I assumed it was a recent thread.

Hi again Craig,

The QNAP Roon Server package is quite a new development, @crieke in collaboration with Roon recently put the effort in to craft it, so it’s understandable you may have not been aware of it.

Thanks for the feedback on your install experience, enjoy.

Now I moved from my Windows 10 VM on my QNAP NAS to a core instalation on the NAS based on the new package. It works perfect. Very fast, low memory and cpu consumption.

Thank you Roon and Christopther for your effort. Great job!