How to Select & Play ROCK PC attached USB Music thru PS Audio DS DAC Bridge II

Roon Core Machine

ROCK v1.8 installed on dedicated Intel NUC10i7 PC, 16gb RAM; 512gb SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys Velop Tri-Band Mesh WiFi-5 AC2200 system (1 master + 3 nodes) with Netgear 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS308).

**Room 1:
Master Linksys Velop Router #1 is attached to 1) Modem for Sonic gigabit fiber internet, 2) 8-port Netgear switch #1.
Dedicated Intel NUC10i7 ROCK PC is attached to Netgear switch #1

**Room 2 – Music Room
Linksys Velop Node #2 wifi with attached Netgear 8-port switch #2.
Attached to Switch #2 are:

  • PS Audio Direct Stream DAC Bridge II
  • Sony HAP-1ZES

Connected Audio Devices

Intel NUC10i7 ROCK PC is attached to Netgear switch #1 (Room #1)
PS Audio Direct Stream DAC Bridge II (Room #2)
Sony HAP-1ZES (Room #2)

Everything has been working/communicating well and plays thru ROCK up to this point.

New Update: Try to access personal FLAC, WAV, etc music files on WD EasyStore 32gb USB 3.0 drive formatted to exFAT (also tried FAT32) and attached directly to ROCK NUC PC via USB port.

Library Size

Description of Issue

Trying to attach USB Drive with personal music files, to dedicated ROCK NUC10 PC, and access USB music using ROCK thru PS Audio DS DAC Bridge II.

Added the attached USB drive music folder to ROCK’s Setting/Add folders option. It lists the 14 (test) songs under the ADD folder option and says folder is already imported**.
(**Not sure if this means the physical USB songs were imported to ROCK PC’s hard drive, or just links songs directly from USB drive?)

Simple question, but How do I see/select/play songs off the USB drive thru PS Audio DS DAC Bridge II using ROCK?

eg. Where are the USB file songs displayed in the ROCK Menu so I can select to play?

If the songs from the USB drive were actually imported as stated then you should see them in your main library.
There is no need to go look at any other drives or folders after songs/albums have been imported to Roon.

See on the left, you would see these under say Tracks…

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Thank you Kevin!!! LOL that was so obvious I didn’t think of it.
Music on USB Drive works!

btw, do you know if ROCK has a feature to allow me to gracefully ‘eject’ my USB Drive from ROCK dedicated PC? I kind of hate to just pull out the USB drive without stopping the read/write heads.
Thanks again.


Not that I am aware of but… I have removed my USB drive many many times from my powered up ROCK to no ill effects.

Maybe someone here knows different?

I’ve been wondering the same thing. My workaround for now is to power ROCK down using the webUI before removing USB drives. Only takes a minutes for it to boot back up.

@David_Snyder yours is probably the safest method…lol

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Thank you David.for the process. Help with Roon & it’s community has been great!

Now that we’ve tested the 3.5" external drive and plays well, will get a AC powered HD enclosure for my spare 2.5" SSD to use as the external instead of 3.5" HDD. Had a NUC8 before and tried to attach a portable USB 2.5" HD, left for lunch and a few hours later, both the NUC8 and the linear power feeding the NUC burned out. So just being extra cautious that the external HDs have their own power.

Sorry to hear that your LPS died. There’s really no reason to use an LPS with ROCK as long as you can place it somewhere far from your listening room. Ideally, there’s just a short Ethernet cable between NUC and your router/switch and the provided power adapter.

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@David_Snyder , I suggested this in the Roon OS 2.0 forum: