HQ Player and Ryzen

Hey there folks,

is there anybody who has tried upsampling on a machine equipped with AMD’s Ryzen CPUs?
Like the 8 Core or the new Threadripper?
If using the most demanding filters, i hope they are performing as good as the i7 mentioned here:

Looking for a cheaper alternative CPU.

Thanks in advance

I heard that the streamers of Pink Faun useing the AMD Ryzen’s and performing very well with HQPlayer.

I agree, +1
AMD RYZEN 1700 , 8 core, 16 threads (around 300$, TDP 65W) seems a quite powerfull but “cheap” HQPlayer engine.

I’m also interested in comparing AMD R1700 VS new Intel coffee lake I-8700 (6 cores, 12 threads) performances with ROON + HQPlayer

I have tried both the 1700x and 1800x and they are unable to play the non-2s XTR filters, and the 1700x with no GPU for cuda also could not play the closed form filter. I have a 1060GPU with the 1800x and the only filters i cannot play are the non 2s XTR.

Do you have the “Multicore DSP” checkbox grayed (auto setting)? Then closed-form should work.

Anyway, closed-form is one that works very well on GPU.

Do you have the “Multicore DSP” checkbox grayed

The 1700 X had no gpu, yes it was greyed, I run all my cpu’s that way. I was surprised it couldn’t play closed form. Overall cpu load was low but one core was working hard and caused stuttering. This was with the last hqp version using the old key. So if core usage has improved on newer versions then maybe it can play it now now.

GPU is not related to multicore DSP as such. Sounds like the multicore DSP feature wasn’t enabled. That auto-configuration option (grayed box) is fairly recent. Maybe it didn’t exist at that time and multicore DSP should have been checked instead.

I just tested latest HQPlayer on 1700X and closed-form works fine to DSD256, and with closed-form-fast to DSD512. With help of GeForce GTX1060 it can do closed-form to DSD512 without trouble.

Jussi I always had the multicore DSP and what it was called earlier either checked or greyed, since it was an option. I always upsample to DSD512 and my comments were based on that. Yes at 256 the 1700x can definitely do closed form. and at 512 it was really close but one core had way higher usage than the other cores that was with the box greyed. If I remember at 512 and closed form overall CPU usage was about 20%, but that one core spiked over 80%.

I’ll try my 1800x tonight without cuda off load and see how it does with closed form.