HQPlayer Settings For Chord DAC Users

Leaving DAC Bits at Auto is safe in most cases. Unless you know that output is going through S/PDIF or AES/EBU, or to a DAC with certain resolution.

Using Auto setting for Chord through USB should work fine, most likely it ends up using 32-bit and TPDF dither is good choice for that.

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Thanks for the input Jussi…as I type trying TPDF with no filter and DAC bits set to Auto…sounds good to me!

I am unable to get my hq player to display my filter settings. by not displaying does it mean they are not being used correctly? i am using a 2qute dac.

You are using “Auto” as output mode in HQPlayer… In this case there are two different settings active, one for PCM sources and one for DSD sources. These two settings cannot be displayed simultaneously.

Thank you that did solve that issue. Can you explain why songs sound better/different in the hq player itself vs the hq player inside roon?

Hi Jussi, if I select “Auto” in HQplayer’s main menu, will it proceed with Chord’s unique filtering when I play PCM and DSD (ignoring the setting of filter and dither in Setting)?
If yes, does HQplayer still do the upsampling as the set in HQplayer’s Setting Menu?

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If you set “auto” as output mode, the only effect it has is to switch between PCM and SDM output modes corresponding to PCM/DSD sources. Which you shouldn’t do with Chord, you should always send there highest rate PCM it can accept, also for DSD sources. Because the DSD handling there is poor.

OTOH, if you want to use Chord’s filters, you shouldn’t be using HQPlayer in first place.


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Got it…Another question, I’ve set the sample rate to 768k in HQplayer, but dunno why it shows 705.6k in Roon?
(My DAC is Hugo 2, it should support up to 768k…)

Is it becasue the source is 44.1k?
If the source is 48k, it can be upsampled to 768K…

2 possible reasons: The “Auto Rate” option is chosen or the particular filter doesn’t allow it.

Thank you so much!

Uncheck “Auto Rate Family” and choose “Poly-sinc”: can upsample to 768k
Uncheck “Auto Rate Family” and choose “Closed-form”: cannot upsample to 768k (705k only)

I think that it only does multiples of the original source resolution. So if you start with a 44.1 file then 705.6 is your only option. If you start with a 48 file then you get to 768.

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it seems like my question (which i might add i have seen asked before and also ignored) was lost in the shuffle. My question is can someone explain how a track played from HQ player can sound better when played directly through the HQ player than when that same track is played via the HQ player via Roon?

Are Roon & HQPlayer on the same machine? What is the DAC attached to?

Yes Roon and HQ player are on the same machine. I have an IMAC 3.5 ghz I7 The Dac is a 2qute running via rca to A sennheiser hdv 820.

Roon is heavier on CPU usage. This extra machine activity can create more or different computer noise that gets injected into your DAC via it’s USB interface.

It’s just the way things are if you have everything running on one machine with a USB DAC also hooked direct to that machine.

Most Roon/HQPlayer users try to get their DAC disconnected from the computer doing the heavy work and onto a specialized single purpose NAA endpoint for HQPlayer. Of course that’s not very practical for a headphone setup.

The other option is some type of USB isolation device between your computer and your DAC.

i have a usb isolation device as well. the cpu load is only about 10% i am not using
the computer for anything else. outside of internet browsing etc.

Perhaps post a screenshot of the pathway when Roon plays through HQP?


Seems clean enough, no extra Roon processing.

I’d imagine @DrTone’s suggestion is the likely reason. There’s just more going on with 2 programs running.