I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

Just to be clear - I really love how Tidal and Qobuz are integrated into Roon. I’m glad that I can do both the exploring and collecting/curating in one and the same app. That’s exactly why I’m afraid that things might get worse for people with a lot of locally stored music…

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The writing was actually on the wall with v1.7

There’s little love for collectors. Roon’s main purpose appears to be augmenting streaming services.


:grinning: I do that a lot, too, but the albums I really love I want to own in real life.


You can even say that it was not made for streaming customers, but to “refer” new streaming customers to Tidal and Qobuz.
With a local library, 1.8 no longer makes sense because too many functions are no longer available and too many useless (without a stremaming subscription) things have been introduced.
Roon is no longer interested in the collectors.

An example?
My music is organized with the help of “genre”. And I have 12 different genres. My settings under “Library” are “only use your own genre, not those of roon”. That worked in 1.7.
In the new version of roon I have 11 additional, empty (without streaming service) genres. This is of no use to my collection and just confuses!


OK, but then Roon should integrate more streaming services, not only two …


I hope you’re wrong, @mikeb. Maybe I’m just clutching at straws, but this gives me a bit of hope…

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As a classical collector this means you need to look for a streaming service that curates the classical content properly as far as metadata is concerned. I never checked Primephonic or Idagio, but I don’t expect any happiness in classical with Tidal and Qobuz combined with Roon. The quality and consistency for the serious classical collector who wants to properly cross-reference objects is not sufficient there, IMHO.

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Tidal crashed in Luxembourg around 10:00.
I checked on Tidal down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector what was going on. This hickup was clearly a TIDAL issue, and NOT related to ROON.

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Hooray - I found the “ALL” option on the artists page - giving you all albums in your library. It is still there - just hidden away. You now have to select the three dots and “View albums in library” Well it is an extra click and hidden - but I am glad this option still exists.
The normal view as in Main Albums and Appearances is not consistant in classical music. So being able to see all albums alphabetically is great.

1.8 does prove the opposite. :flushed:

To be honest, I don’t think such a service exists. Some are worse than others, but you always need to curate things yourself if you want everything to be “perfect” for you…

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That’s why I’m staying with my local library and am so obsessed with my file tags. These will stay with the files. If I would totally follow Roons vision and no longer maintain any file tags I would be lost moving on from there. So I will keep curating my tags for every new album I purchase (download or rip).


Yes, I’ve been doing (and will continue to do) the same for many years


The already poor feature set for file-collectors is now either lost or hidden. When hidden you need more clicks to use them. They don’t care about file-collectors. On the contrary they do everything to get rid of them.

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That was my conclusion too. I’ve seriously had no issues with the new Roon at all.

@herdel I think there is something to what you are saying. I listened to a podcast recently in which a couple of the ROON founders were being interviewed. They explained that “music discovery” is a big new theme for them. In itself, I think this is a good thing. But maybe they did not go about this the right way, as the posts in this thread seem to suggest.

To roll out a major software update like this you need a large and very experienced UX team and a lot of time to develop all possible use cases, apply the right solutions, do a lot of UX testing and a lot of functionality testing. It looks like maybe they underestimated this.

One thing is for sure - the way everyone is reacting in this thread proves that we are all very passionate about our hobby. And that is a good thing :wink: .

Let’s give the ROON team some time to get their bearings in this huge storm they (unintentionally) unleashed with 1.8 and let’s wait and see how they react. I am sure they will.

In the mean time let’s keep some perspective; this is only a first world problem and we should not forget to enjoy our music!


This is a big request from me as well. I will give 1.8 a fair chance, but on my ultrawide screen it’s just very messy and odd looking. Also tested my Android app, and on my Realme 6 it’s quite sluggish compared to before.

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this tool is a huge failure, you declare after two minutes of intensive use of it … :rofl:

Yes i’ve come to the same conclusion. No regard for local libraries. Roon just want to be the spotify of hi-res music. Take tidal and qobuz and skin them with recommendations and a (once) nice interface.

Such a damn shame. I really don’t care what others deem to be popular. I want my thoughts first and the consensus to be accesible only if i want it. Everything about 1.8 jams the ‘popular’ down your throat but has also removed the elements of my own curation. Now i’m stuck with a huge local library with hundreds and hundreds of hours of tagging that can’t be exported.


Totally agree. I initially thought Roon might be saving me time keeping my tags in order. The opposite is the case, so I reverted back to rather spending time updating missing infos in my file tags and not typing them into Roon. Now that there is MP3TAG fro Mac, that works even swifter :slightly_smiling_face:

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