I don't like the idea of turning on a computer every time I want to listen to music

I usually leave the dedicated Roon server running unles I’m heading out overnight. It backs up the database at 4am every morning. It runs Windows 10. Ideally I’d prefer it to run Linux and I’ll be looking at making it a dual boot system. With a network IR Broadcom device I can control Roon, HQP and the preamp from an iPad Mini. No “computer” involved. I can use a Roon Remote on a desktop if I want to, but I usually dont.

If you had a supported NAS, then NAS + iPad + renderer would give you exactly what you want. The problem is the NAS model.

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Yes, I could agree to that - just use a supported NAS…
But I have an important question here - using roon server for streaming to an amp. As far as I know roon doesn’t support streaming to DLNA/UPnP compatible amps. And I’d like the server doing the streaming, not the client.
And how does the roon server actually streams music to a network connected amp?

There’s some really affordable Roon “endpoints” to allow this. Here is a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro that I bought my dad to use with his 1970’s Sansui Integrated Amp (here it’s shown running PiCorePlayer but it’s now running Ropieee with Roon’s RAAT):

HiFiBerry also make the Digi+ Pro, with Toslink and Digital Coax outputs, which I also got my dad to use with his Denon 4520 Receiver (running Ropieee Touchscreen):

These are really small and low powered Roon endpoints, out of sight if you want them to be.

I’m using a fancier and pricier endpoint at my own place but everytime I visit the old man, I’m blown away by the performance of those affordable endoints and DACs. They perform way way way above what their prices suggest. In fact, I’d probably fail a blind test of the Digi+ Pro against my much pricier endpoint, with my DAC

Hope this helps!


Even if you bought an upgraded NAS it would either have to be plugged directly into your AVR somehow or you will need another small computer and dac turned on as a bridge at the AVR.

Sounds like your requirements have you staying with DLNA.

Roon uses RAAT as the streaming protocol, not DLNA/UPnP. The Roonies (rightly, IMO) hold DLNA/UPnP in contempt, as set out in this post from a couple of years back, and developed RAAT as the better alternative:


That’s the point. The vast majority of excellent and affordable digital network enabled amps use DLNA/UPnP. It has it’s drawbacks, but it’s the most common standard.
No, I won’t ever place another box allowing streaming from roon to my amp, that’s too much :-(. That won’t ever happen.

The media server on my Synology NAS perfectly streams music in various formats 1:1 to my amp - via DLNA. And Synology’s iPad app DSAudio is a very nice client to select music from your library in order to have it streamed to the amp by the NAS. A very nice solution that needs only an iPad, an NAS and a DLNA enabled amp. That’s it. And it’s set up very quickly.

I don’t like the idea of a roon specific streaming protocol. IMO it limits the possibilities instead of multiplying them.

This is why RAAT is better. Protocols change and develop. RAAT is built to be around long after DLNA/UPnP.

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Yes, I already read this article. We will see how many global players of the CE market will integrate RAAT into their products.

They will have to, to be Roon Ready. If your using Roon, that’s all you need. Take a look at the current partners.

Well, strictly speaking, “Roon Ready” is a certification branding. With the Roon Bridge software, it’s easy enough to hang practically any audio gear on as a Roon Endpoint. That’s how I’ve integrated my QUAD Artera preamp into my Roon system, via a RPi/USB connection.

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Yes, but it means they have adopted RAAT which is a good thing.

I don’t doubt it’s a good thing. But I recently got e new A/V amp that will serve for the next years ;-).

Does it have a USB input, if so you you could install a Roon endpoint to connect it to the network, of course it is another box.
Remember the one who dies with the most boxes wins! :sunglasses:

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Personally the lack of perfect gapless playback would drive me absolutely nuts.

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On my last day, I will get into a box ;-). No, my amp can handle USB Memory and iPhone/Pod/Pad but obviously no USB Audio input :-(.

Agree. My experience with friends, is that once they move to a more full-featured audio streaming approach (LMS/Squeezebox) or Roon, for example, that they find that DLNA/UPnP is unusable.

I have great luck having an amp with a very good DLNA implementation :-).

But does it do gapless playback? Try playing the album The Dark Side of the Moon for example. All DLNA clients i have tried introduduce ugly gaps where the tracks shouls flow seamlessly one to the next.

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Matthias, your current system doesn’t support Roon, you don’t want to replace or add any boxes, and you think your current system is very nice.

So what is this conversation about?