I have banned tracks I don't want to hear but they are playing

I have banned tracks I don’t want to hear but they still play
I go to tracks and set a focus for tracks added in last week, then select shuffle.

I am confused as to what banned does?

If you perform an action that selects a banned track, like you have done, it will play.

So how do you set a track to not play? Tidal has a block action and it will never play that track, do I really have to go through the rigmarole of editing and deleting?

Within the focus, you can add “Banned” as a criteria (under the Inspector button).

Then, once the focus has been set, tap the “+” symbol next to “Banned” to omit banned tracks.

If this will be a frequent focus, I’d recommend saving it as a bookmark, so it becomes a single click focus.

Good luck!

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I think it only works when you had added the Tidal album to your library