I suggest an extra Roon Radio skip option

I love Roon radio and what it throws up is amazingly interesting and appropriate for me, truly transformative in terms of my musical universe, but sometimes i do skip tracks and I worry that i might be unintentionally perturbing the algorithm. When I skip a track there are various options such as don’t-like-it, don’t-want-to-hear-it, etc. If it would cause less perturbation in the algorithm I would like some sort of skip on the currently playing track that says to the Roon Radio algorithm “I know this and I like this but the next track looks really interesting so I want to hear it now” option.

Does the

I don’t want to hear this right now

option work for you?

I believe selecting this has no bearing on algorithm…

One person’s listening habits and skips do not move the algorithm. So don’t worry about it, IMHO.


I’m really not sure this is right. I would like to hear from Roon but my understanding is that the recommendations are very personalised depending on feedback to tune what the algorithm throws back to each individual. I just don’t want that algorithm to be misinterpreting my tastes if I skip something I know and like but want to skip over this time (if indeed that is what might happen). Hopefully some Roon Radio architect will correct me if appropriate.

There have been plent of posts discussing this. Have a read of this one: What does Roon Radio actually DO?

Not personal, based on persons.

That’s not how it works. We will remember if you say “I don’t like this” as the reason for skipping, but the other reasons (or giving no reason) is not going to have that kind of effect on you personally.

I agree with @Julian - I have a poor concentration span and sometimes like skipping tracks after I’ve only heard less than a minute. Take the point from @brian and will remember this, but having a ‘track is good but I want to hear the next one’ would just make me feel better…