I think it is a fair question - what is the purpose of the Roon forum?

I agree I think this would work to solve many import challenges.

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This is more on the theme of what the forum is for, and less on the topic of the tags thread. My take on a forum from a product company is:

The company is paying for the forum. They get to decide the purpose(s) of the forum, and which threads serve that/those purposes. Full stop.

Agreed, I’ve split out the discussion of tagging into the existing topic … let’s keep this on topic.

There seems to be some interest, I don’t know how much, in more general “futures” topics, that do not really have a category. Examples are:

Convergence on meta-data standards
Transport protocol integration (RAAT<–>DNLA)
Presentation layer standards (aka the folder/meta-data debate)

I think these are separate debates that could inform more practical categories concerning feature requests, support, extensions, work-arounds, best-practice etc.

Is it time to find a home for these types of discussions in a new category?

One thing I have noticed about the moderation on the forum is that it is particularly averse to any bit of cut and thrust.

It may well be that this is due to the vitriol which CA can contain and I would hate the Roon forum to go in this direction.

The odd bit of irony to bring someone down off their high horse should be more accepted I feel. I’ve been moderated a few times on the Roon forum and generally don’t get moderated on my other 2 fora of choice (Naim and PFM).

And while I’m on a roll I do perceive a fall off in speed of reaction to the (@) support tag. As it is the method of Roon giving support I feel there should be no support call that doesn’t get answered at all. I realise we all want an answer yesterday but there should be log of all support calls and all should be answered. It strikes me that you get support much quicker if you shout you have a yearly that you are not going to renew than the polite request for help from the guy with 2 lifetime subscriptions. (Any Resemblance to Actual Persons, Living or Dead, is Purely Coincidental)

Don’t get me wrong this is a grand place and I feel I’ve made a few friends here, well there are certainly some if they said they were in Dublin and would I like to meet them for a pint, I wouldn’t run a mile.

I think more of a blog presence from the Roon team would be of great benefit. we tend to only see you fire fighting and supporting. There is a depth of knowledge of music making and music that if shared more would generate an even stronger community feel.

All in all on a public forum in the Trumpian dystopia we are living in, a fine job is being done.



The Roon Software section would be the current home for those topics, but it’s getting unwieldy. Any suggestions for sub-sections within it ?

Standards & Inter-operability.

Several of the existing topics could be rolled up into Interoperability and a few added. A topic of interest to me is RAAT<–>DNLA interoperability for example.

Standards would cover much higher level general topics that ultimately are going to be needed to make roon work as we would like it. The obvious topics are metadata convergence and UX convergence. Others will have other priorities.

This is another thing that is a solid “no”. We will never do generic UPnP support for arbitrary devices. You can discuss it all you want, but people will keep bringing up the fact that we have stated that this is a solid “never gonna happen”.

In my opinion, as long as you can keep the talk civil, go for it… but you’ve heard our answer.

Here is an existing feature request that is boring enough that no one has ever closed it out:

@danny the purpose of the proposal was to find a way of taking these solid no’s out of the feature requests, not perpetuate them. For whatever reason, several topics keep on coming up and some may still want to discuss, maybe exchange work-arounds and experiences. I wholeheartedly agree that these types of feature requests are pointless. It would require a little more intervention from the mods to ensure that the discussions didn’t drift into feature requests.

Yah, but some things are so core to the foundational principles of the team and the product, that we can be sure without a doubt.

Roon’s pedigree comes with a 21 year history of trying to create an experience that takes the files out of music and avoid the mess that arises from protocols that were designed to solve a technology/interop problem while ignoring the user experience.


@danny, I completely get that. It’s great what roon is trying to do. But it’s a monumental task I can see you have all pinned your careers to. In the meantime there seems to be a need to explore options that fall short of repeated red lines in the feature requests.

I am not a technical person so the unfortunate choice of the word “interoperability” seems to have pressed a button that wasn’t intended. Maybe “co-existance” would have been a better choice. There seems to be many interested in finding out and exchanging experiences that fall far short of a feature request for UPnP support. That should be carefully moderated.

My use case is business travel. I am not technical enough for raspberry pi’s and even if I was, carrying around a sackful of them in parts of the world I travel to is not practical. I am curious what others are doing and exchanging my work arounds and experiences. There would be a lot very useful that comes out of those types of discussions for roon as well I would imagine.

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I think something has been lost in the translation. I don’t think it is particularly off topic. It’s a good example of clarifying what the boundaries of a fruitful discussion falling short of a pointless red-lined feature request could be.

What is a good example of that? This is an honest question.

The pointless feature request is UPnP support. So far the discussion has produced 3 solution options. Two of them are alternative suggestions and one is a work around from me. They all fall far short of a UPnP feature request.

IMO that is a good example of the boundaries of a discussion where no UPnP support is a given. Unfortunately, my case has a few complicating factors so the two suggestions do not improve on my work around. It is possible others have other ideas. It is possible refinements of my work around would help a lot. For example, support for library merging.

I’ve split out the second tranche of off topic posts to their own new topic, that discussion should continue there.
Let’s stick to this topic’s subject without having the distractions of getting bogged down in specific use cases.
For that please use an suitable existing topic or if not extant please create a new one in Roon Software area.

Maybe it’s obvious based on my OP, but I would like to think that users are free to discuss desired features, even if the Roon team has said they’re not on the road map. Certainly not to beat a dead horse – that would be pointless – but for the the benefit of sharing workarounds and tools that might substitute, and also, potentially, for the possibility that a compelling use case comes up - that could result in the Roon team changing its mind or maybe a better idea comes up and that better feature is implemented.

My point is that IMHO, as long as people remain civil, there should be a substantial level of freedom of expression here.


Hi all,

what is the purpose of the Roon forum? That’s a very complex question and I don’t really know how to answer it. But I do know what I like best about our forum:

  • It usually doesn’t take long until you get competent help if you let your fellow Rooners or the support team know that you need it. Thanks a lot, everyone!

  • I especially like the music related threads, e.g. “What are you listening to now?”. 6.5k replies! That says it all! There’re tons of great recommendations every day! The only negative thing is that this can become quite a burden on your wallet…:joy:


Which is why Tidal is great as an add-on! Of course, if Tidal fails, Roon will be printing me a very long list of album titles I have to seek out on the used market…