I want to disable MQA! Roon says it's playing MQA on Tidal HiFi Plan

Roon signal path is correct.

danny is correct, along with some others’ responses specific to Tidal MQA.

I have no comment about this quote, as we are Tidal, MQA, and Roon partners.

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I have no worries about the Roon signal path. Although, as Danny said, MQA authentication is just “verifying, it hasn’t been tampered with” is the most cynical thing I’ve heard in a long time.
The MQA light verifies, that the audio HAS been tampered with and after some research I found out that a.) MQA authentication means NOTHING and you can send in broken files and still get the blue light and b.) they generate fake High-Res formats from 44.1/16 masters and c.)TIDAL delivers “downwards compatible” noisy MQA files without the unfold as supposed FLAC streams. This is fraud, plain and simple.

I have cancelled my subscription.


I’m keeping mine for the very few tracks qobuz does not provide.

But my tidal subscription is in Argentina and costs less than 90 cent a month

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Just buy the albums and be shut of it. It’s what
I have done.

Well sometimes I discover stuff by pure chance. Thats why I just keep it as well :slight_smile:

I use my local library and qobuz most of the time.

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Does playing around with these settings work for you?

Sadly, no.

I don’t ever change them. I have Tidal HiFi Plus and leave the Roon setting on Master.

What’s funny is we are tied up with only two options. I have both. I wish there were a way to add Apple Music to Roon. But I don’t think it’s possible.

It is not.

Came in here looking for this answer and found the sad news. I know some might think I’m crazy but MQA does not sound good to me. In all honesty it feels no better then an AAC or mp3 file. I can really tell the difference when I play flac.

Then, don’t use Tidal. I like MQA. I have 3 MQA DAC’s and two non-MQA DAC’s. I think Tidal MQA sounds as good as Qobuz, better sometimes.

I‘m not claiming I can hear a difference, for me it‘s enough that MQA is a lossy codec and objectively, measurably much, much worse than FLAC of the same resolution. Put the way they‘re marketing it on top of that and it‘s one hell of a red flag. They’re selling it as a good thing, when in fact, the best case scenario is you don’t hear that it’s actually worse. MQA is a scam, there‘s no two ways about it.

Their marketing department has apparently brainwashed enough people to make it work for them.

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why not buy the cd version in question and copy it to NAS via dbpoweramp?

That’s interesting it’s a scam but you can’t tell the difference in quality.
If Roon didn’t indicate it was MQA would you still enjoy listening to it?

That’s the whole point of music the listen not measure the quality of the file.
I enjoy Tidal and its apps far more than Qobuz.


Whole heartedly agree with your last post. Tidals interface is far superior and their curated stuff for me was spot on. People get too wrapped up in file formats, alleged sq rather than listen to the music itself. I did how ever cancel Tidal late last year it as I had both and could not justify two anymore so just went with Qobuz and upgraded to sublime to get the cheaper purchases. Which I am doing more off anyway, using my own files more and just use streaming for discovery and trying out before I buy.


So it’s OK to sell counterfeit products, as long as nobody notices? Interesting take.

It’s a scam, because they sell a lesser product and act, as if it’s a technological evolution (which they will and cannot prove). And then they make everybody pay for it. Kudos to their marketing team, tho.

I could swallow “high-res” MQA, because I think CD quality is transparent and nobody needs more than that for playback, BUT 44.1/16 MQA is where I draw the line. Distortion and uncorrelated noise from the “folding” process reaches down to 12khz, that is a problem I won’t knowingly accept. On top of that they use a weak ass filter that is incorrect and leaky and noticably rolls off the highs.

If I pay for olive oil and get a counterfeit oil that’s 50% sunflower seed oil I’m not buying that ever again, even if I just read it in the paper and wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. It’s pretty clear cut for me.

Also I don’t use any of the apps, I only use it with Roon. Qobuz is fine, the few things they don’t have I’ll buy on CD.

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I have both Qobuz and Tidal Master. Truth be told I can’t hear the difference between FLAC and MQA. They both sound good to me. So when I’m listening to music it comes down to the version of the track/album that I like. And not its format.

When it comes to the standalone apps. The Tidal app is far superior to the Qobuz one. However since I now have Roon ARC running. I haven’t used them anymore.

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