Ideal Core for 337k tracks?

My library runs about 8.5TB but only ~140,000 tracks. I’m on a NUC 7i7BNH 256gb m.2 Samsun 960 ssd and 8GB Ram in a Fanless Akasa Plato X chassis. No issues and using dsd512 upsampling but no other dsp features currently

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Thanks! Is there an ideal spec for a music database the size of mine? If Nucleus+ may not be powerful enough, what should I use?

Nucleus might be enough.
Better is to get some professional advice before spending funds.

I run an I7 7700 Win PC as server. But it is DIY.

I do too…it’s my main server but I switch them around as I like to play…I also have a dietpi amd64 i5x6500 that manages to keep up too (it can also run as a mock) :blush: they all use the same NAS library so run the same 8.5tb and 140,000 tracks plus tidal

Paging @danny - your input re the suitability (or otherwise) of Nucleus/Nucleus+ would be most welcome on this question…

You could build a Mock on desktop class hardware or maybe wait for @danny to get the new Dawson Canyon NUCs working for sure.

Thanks, everyone. This has been very useful. Can anyone help me understand the best way to connect this new Core to the Meridian UltraDAC for my main listening room? They are both in the same rack, and so physical separation is not an issue.

It currently streams over the network using the Sooloos protocol. Is this preferable to connecting to the UltraDAC via USB? If so, is there a simple summary about why?

I don’t get the op’s storage…I have 78k tracks that take up 6.8TB. All FLAC or higher. How can 337k of tracks only take 8.4TB?
Are they all mp3?

It’s a good question. I can’t explain the difference in storage, but there are no mp3s in my library. Everything is CD quality or higher.

Given the other advantages of Nucleus+ (aesthetics, fanless design, and most importantly, it runs Roon OS), I would always argue that Nucleus+ is the best choice.

However, for 337k tracks, you might possibly run out of RAM. You can add a stick of RAM into the device after the fact if you want. I can walk you through that. We’ve purposely left a blank slot for exactly this purpose.

USB drive is easiest w/ a single 3.5" 10TB disk. But I would put the noisy spinning drive in the NAS far away from your listening room, and keep the Nucleus+ and your UltraDAC where the action is. Both are nice looking boxes, unlike the NAS.

You can always try both, it won’t hurt you to try, nor will it cost you anything but a few minutes. I’m unsure if the Sooloos network protocol can stream DSD to the UltraDAC – but that may not be important to you. If it isn’t, then use the network. If it is, you might need to use USB. @john, our hardware ecosystem expert, should be able to chime in with information about that functionality.

Perfect. I would definitely like to add RAM. If you could walk me through that, I would very much appreciate it.

You could consider getting the Nucleus dealer to fit it.

Right you are. I just assumed his NAS was networked.

That sounds about right for 24,000 CDs ripped to flac: 8.4TB / 350MB = 24,000.

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I would turn the question around, how can you need 8+ TB for 78k tracks?
I have 39k tracks, most CD quality FLAC, and it’s only 1.25 TB.

He must have a heck of a lot of 24/192 files. Otherwise, it makes no sense.

I have 6400 cd’s, 950 of which are DSD,all totaling 6.4TB of storage

I tell people an average of 3000 CDs per 1TB. That assuming 10 tracks per CD and most CDs are not the full 60 minutes. Our CD ripper uses standard FLAC (lossless) compression at 2 to 1.

So 30k tracks per TB.
15K per TB is you have AIFF or WAV (no compression)
150K per TB for mp3. mp3 is about 10 to 1 compression.

And a lot less if you are using DSD, hi-rez or other hi bitrate formats.

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That accounts for the difference since these files are an order of magnitude larger; approx 4TB of your collection.

Thanks guys

I lost track of how many DSD files I have…

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