Improved Sound Engine

The PS Audio bridge will not run RoonServer–it’s not nearly powerful enough. It’s an endpoint.

Thanks Brian for the clarification. It looks anyway, and according to the their forum, that the guys at PS Audio are not so aware about this. Besides, the important thing at least for me is that it would be possible to use Roon with the bridge, even at the expense of keeping a computer in the chain.

ridom, I agree with Mind_Meld about whether HQPlayer’s processing would be advantageous even though your DAC performs DSD upsampling. Apart from the differing processing power of various chips (in servers, DAC chips, FPGAs), the sound of algorithms the programmers use varies significantly. That’s the basis of the FPGA concept - the sound of PS Directstream can be modified via software. Jussi’s (HQPlayer’s developer) DSP programming expertise is very highly regarded. It’s hard to say whether upsampling in HQP prior to the upsampling in the PS Audio Directstream would be beneficial, but I would download the free trial version of HQP to find out.

New Order - Movement is sounding pretty damn good w/ Roon right now =) Haven’t done a close comparison, but it’s certainly not like the SQ is that far off.

Thanks for the advice. I will do it during the weekend.

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