Incorrect bio for Audio One

I have 3 albums by the avant-garde jazz group Audio One (featuring sax player Ken Vandermark a.o.). Roon can’t identify the albums and links the bio to an electronic artist of the same name:


Can the correct bio be somehow added to the database? There is one on Ken Vandermark’s website:

Hey @Weirdomusic — Thanks for the report!

It looks like we don’t have information from our metadata provider regarding these albums. Because of this, these albums are not identified. Do you have albums from the other Audio One artist in your library? If you have an artist with the same name that is identified, Roon is likely making the assumption that these also belong to that artist.

You can read more about how Roon makes these decisions in this thread.

Typically if you find information on an album on AllMusic or MusicBrainz, we will have it in Roon. One option available to you here is to enter this information into MusicBrainz so that it makes it’s way into Roon’s metadata. Please note that this is not an instant change — It will take some time for Roon to pick up this information from MusicBrainz.

If you have any other questions about this please let us know!