Increase roon display text size

Simple question, I use a tablet as a roon display (not remote).
I would like to increase the text size in order to read song information from anywhere in my livin room. Is it possible ? If yes how?

For android there is no option for bigger text.
You can try going to full screen mode:

Or try triple tapping to zoom the screen? (magnifying mode on android)

You can also try changing text size for the tablet in the tablets settings menu, “settings/Accessibility”
or try one of these methods:

Honestly, I gave up on this Display view because it’s not possible to read from across the room and is a significant amount of dead space.

Instead I use the very nice Web Controller which there are now 3 different dev branches. I think I’m using the original 1.0 right now.

I like what @mnp75 did with the interface but I do find the Vue (2.0) code easier for my “non programmer” brain to read. Although the 1.0 interface is an absolute pleasure to read from across the room and @nmp75 looks to have updated some of scrolling text behavior.


Thanks, is there an easy set up guide somewhere?

It’s a Roon Extension… so no :slight_smile:

Actually, the 1.0 is still available to enable from the extension manager and that’s probably the easiest way to get it going. Info on various ways to get Roon Extensions here…

If you run Roon server you can run extensions on the same server. You just can’t run them on ROCK. README here:

U are great! :+1:

Hi ,

I have been struggling quite a bit wih Linux commands on my raspberry pi but I managed to have v1.2 running perfectly !!

In a nutshell, what are the main advantages of v2 alpha? Despite few display features, I dont see quite a difference? Am I wrong?

Plus, do you know how to display time on the screen?

Thanks again

It does look different and the Vue framework is more modern but other than that I don’t know.

Don’t know about displaying a clock.

Excellent work. Your questions are good I just don’t have answers. Would ask in the other thread though as I’m sure someone has figured it out or maybe a feature request.

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