Infrared Extender - Volume Control for Preamps and Integrated Amps

Hello Roon Folks - I see a need for a new device or partnership, etc… Here’s the issue, people looking to mix in Roon Ready devices in front of integrated amps and/or preamps that are not Roon capable or even ethernet capable. Currently, such a combination does not allow proper/ideal volume control from Roon. That got me thinking… the Roon world needs an IR and/or RF extender that is ethernet capable and recognized by Roon. With that device a vast great number of existing pre’s and integrated could have seamless integration and volume control with a fancy new Roon capable streamer. I imagine such a device would be good for the world, but also increase the appeal of Roon. Folks with older amps could add streaming and FULL Roon control to their existing rigs. There are many that don’t want to change out their pre’s, amps, and dacs and start over with Roon Ready devices. This IR/RF remote volume hole, looks to me to be last frontier for enabling full Roon integration into any existing systems.

Ethernet to IR extenders do exist; just need to add a little code to have it made to speak Roon? Or you guys can cook up your own proprietary device?

I think this would be pretty simple? Much like universal remotes can learn the commands of other remotes…but all we really need is 3 commands: volume up, volume down, mute.

I really hope this idea takes off!


I think you could accomplish all you are wanting with an rPi, running Roipeee OS, as a Roon endpoint connected to your integrated amp/preamp. (and this is all very cheap too)

I just read about Roipeee. I am not seeing how this appliance would be able to send volume up/down and mute commands to a pre or integrated. I am not suggesting we put something else in the audio signal path. I am suggesting that the actual onboard volume of the amp is sent IR/RF data via an extender. The same way a remote control works. I would not suggest putting something in front of the amp and controlling the volume of that device, while the actual amp volume remains fixed.

Is that how Roipeee would work? Am I missing the boat here?

Perhaps a combination of Logitech harmony hub and this:
Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony - Tinkering - Roon Labs Community

I have Roon controlling switching everything on and changing inputs etcand amp volume (my main hifi is also a hybrid AV system with a stereo amp in HT bypass mode for music, so a more complex than a pure hifi setup it still all integrates), volume mute and from harmony to Roon, the remote control control’s Roon’s transport and other functions.

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Roipeee would not specifically do what you want. It can, as a Roon endpoint, control volume and pause playback, etc., but as a roon endpoint, not as just a volume controller.

I am using a Microsoft surface dial .
With this dial I can

  • adjust volume of my supernait (rotate)
  • mute/unmute supernait (long press)
  • start/stop stream from roon (short press)
  • skip titel in roon (double press)

A: I use roon with to extensions:

  1. deep harmony
  2. rooDial

B: I use two Raspberry Pi‘s (one with deep harmony, one with rooDial).
An then I am using one harmony hub.

C: It works like this: the dial is sending the command via bluetooth to the first RPi (with rooDial). From there it is send to the roon-Server, then to the second RPi (with deep harmony), from there to the harmony hub and then via IR to my amplifier.

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Hey now we’re getting somewhere! Thanks Adam and VolkerS. Adam, looks like Deep Harmony is your creation? This is very close to the idea I posted about; you’ve already done it. However, any users of the Deep Harmony extension are at the mercy of Logitech…well somewhat. Even if they stopped producing the hub there would still be many floating around for sale. This solution also presents the potential for keeping up with changes from multiple vendors, which I’m sure Adam is very familiar with.

I have not yet jumped into Roon. I slowed down my plan to jump onboard when I realized I couldn’t have integrated correct volume control over any amp I might choose to use. That put a real hiccup in my options to build and configure a 2 channel system.

I managed to set up web-based IR control of audio devices using a USB IR blaster connected to my Roon Server.

My next step is to hook it up directly to Roon using the Roon API. Unfortunately due to the unidirectional nature of infrared remotes, Roon will have no way of knowing the current volume. It should have buttons for volume up, volume down, mute, and (if supported by your audio device) set to fixed volume.

+1 for having native support within Roon for USB IR blasters (as does Raspberry Pi + RoPieee), ethernet IR blasters, or IR blasters with a web API such as lirc-web.