Install new external HDD


6.600 CDs are meanwhile integrated into Roon (most classical); all runs fine now.
Put a lot of work in it in order to get Roon to show my collection as i want to see it. And here we are: i want to copy all my Music now to a better external disk as the one i currently use. My concern about this: if i make a 1:1 copy from the data on the external drive that Roon currently syncs to a new external disc, then remove the “old” one from my Macmini where Roon runs and plug in the copied new disc, will Roon accept this and NOT START SCANNING again? that would be horrible for me as i put so much work on tagging etc in Roon and don´t want Roon change things again.
Understand me?

Thanks a lot

Just use a software that enables 1:1 copy of your hdd. I did it 2 times last month and never had a problem.

Just make sure backups are updated

Thanks a lot.
Will try it soon.